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Out With the Old, in With the New

2014. We're throwing out the old and striving for the new.

First, our old songs are gone. Gone, gone, gone. It's hard to say just how difficult it was to delete them. Nevermind that I have saved copies, of course, they were just from a time and place that I loved with all of my heart, even if it went wrong in the end. That is so with such a variety of things....

However, out with the old! It's a year of NOT clinging to the past and of moving forward.

The old songs are gone. New videos are up. We will be adding MORE videos on a nearly weekly basis from here on out, some beautifully edited live ones, some updates. NEW songs, old songs, but all with our NEW line-up of amazing people.

If you haven't already, please do find us on Facebook. Not just our Hath No Fury OFFICIAL page, but also our individual pages! Jen Allen, Brian Olson, Andrew Wightman, Jay Corigliano. We love meeting new people.

Keep your eyes and ears out for our new single we are releasing soon, too!

Much love, and may you make the MOST of your time on this planet.

Be love.

Hath No Fury Jen Brian Andrew Jay

FREE! Download before....

For a VERY limited time you can download our existing tracks, Blur and Shame, for FREE! In about a week they will be GONE FOREVER. Well...these versions, at least. Replacing them will be some new tunes we think you'll love. Grab them while you can!


We spent ALL day Friday in the studio, working on a new track for you guys. Cannot wait to share it! Pop by our Facebook page and check out some photos and video snippets!

Drums & Sarcasm....

Have ya'll said hello to our splendid new drummer, Jay Corigliano?! Hopefully you've managed to catch a couple of shows with him playing drums and sarcasm. If not, check out the photos, videos, and we'll see you soon!


Hello, dearest ones!

The rest of this month will be full of announcements for us. Yesterday we announced our first show for the year as a FULL band: June 30th at the Gas Lamp with Peace, Love, And Stuff as well as Madam Jules. It's going to be a fantastic night, and we can't wait to see you there. Keep checking in for more announcements--we'll have another one in a couple days!

Much love,

Jen and Crew!