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Logarithmic Spirals 2 streaming

I added 2 new songs from the new album Logarithmic Spirals 2 - free streaming and exclusive download. The Fantasist and Under The Surface. Visit here on RN to hear them.

Update on new release.

The next album will be here soon. Logarithmic Spirals 2 will be comprised of 13 songs. Working on the album cover next.

Brainstorming ideas.

After a long period of getting to know my recording gear, the time has come to upgrade. With the upgrade new ideas and songs will emerge. Stay tuned as this begins to unfold. Thank you, Frank G. 9-14-13

FGLK Music

Hello everyone we are brand new here. Please take a moment to listen to the 3 tracks we have up. Let us know what you like and we will write some more, your feed back is needed we will reply to all. Thanks so much, we look forward to hearing from you.