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New re-release

Hi all, I just re-released the first album (Brenin's Light) but remixed as all instrumentals, plus the bonus track,"Light In the Forest." I hope you enjoy and thanks for listening !

Second to the last song is done !

I really like how it turned out.. Which is good since I had to start over again after not liking how it was going, ha ha. Almost there !

Song #6 is done..

Working on the last two songs and the liner notes for the cd and off we'll go (Lord willing) ! Deadline is to have it all done in the next 1-2 weeks

Great visit with Keltic Ken Adams !

He came up from Fresno to stay and visit with us here in Grizzly Flats, CA this past week and we had a really fun time ! Be sure to check out his online Celtic radio station, www.celticchristianspirit.com .

Second CD in the making....

Hi friends ! I'm about 5 songs into the next cd, soafter I finish up #5, I'll have three more to go, but things are moving along. I've been getting alot of good feedback and encouragement to keep going and that helps keep the fire under my feet, ha ha.

Full album now available on my Reverbntion store..

And soon to released at itunes, amazon, and various other online retailers. Physical cd due around mid-June.

You can here some of my music on Celtic radio !


Two more a comin' !

They're on their way....

This month !

Once the cover art is done, then its off to be printed, yay !

Another song in the make

So I was inspired while scrubbing toilets the other day (I'm a custodian) and I'm planning on adding a Gregorian chant inspired song that will probably have harp, strings and voice effects in the background.