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Check it out!!!!

Hey.... we have been working hard at booking shows all over and hope we make it close to a town near you soon!!!!

Acoustic shows

Hey all you criminals. Uncle Jim, Denim Don and I will be performing an up close and personal acoustic show tonight in Avon, Indiana.

It is a "CRUISE IN' and we will be performing in an outside venue for this. We are going to have some AWESOME weather for this too.

So come on out and get a cold one, a little dinner, check out all the fine rides, and check out our acoustic take on some great music!!!

Man.... what a long road...

but we are driving on!! Next stop is in Franklin, Indiana at the Time Out Bar and Grill. These folks know how to party and they love their live music too!!!

Another town and one more show!!!

Hahahaha!!!! We are pointing the BUS south to Vallonia, Indiana and the historic Blue Bird Cafe, for a night of fun and frivolity to the sound of great acoustic outlaw country music. Oh.... and our own original Hoosier Music!!!!

We love The Tin Plate!!!

We sure had a great time last night at The Tin Plate Fine Food and Spirits. A great crowd and VERY receptive to our music. The staff was wonderful too. We could not ask for a better place to play. Thanks again to everyone who made it out!!!!

WOW!!! What a weekend!!!

We survived the wild ride, but we don't know how!!! Thank you to everyone that came out Friday night and Saturday night. We had such a great time hanging out in southern Indiana with all of you and we can't wait to do it all again!!!

We are pointing the bus west to Hendricks county, for 2 nights of Mayhem. Thursday we will be in Avon for 2 great acoustic sets of American music and then Danville on Saturday for a night of all out Honky Tonk!!! The bus is going to be rockin!!!

We, it has been a while!!!!

WOW!!! Where has all the time gone. I have not been on here for a while. I hope all is well with you and yours, and check out our recordings from our last show. It was a heck of a good time and we can't wait for the nxt one!!!

My bark is much worse than my bite!!!

Well, well well!!! I hope you are all ready for the big show coing up. The boyz that make the noize, just finished throwing down on the southside in anticipation of next Saturday night. Great sound tonight as they tore through such great songs as PHONE BOOTH, I WANT YOU TO WANT ME, NASTY HABITS, and more. Looks like we got our hands on some more lights thanks to Rock'n Randy. Thanks Randy. Well that's about it for now, but we will keep ya posted!!! DAWG

Jeff Stafford and the SBC band
Jeff Stafford and the SBC band  (almost 6 years ago)

We are rock'n along with lots of originals and of course all your favoite covers!!! Gettin ready for some big shows!!!!