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TFA Cage Fight shows!

May 16, 2014 War's in the cage again! Wilmington, Ca...get it on!


As we relish in this moment, we would like to remember and thank all of you who came out to support us last night!!!! It is very humbling to think that we have so many friends and family who would take the time to spend the evening with us and be instrumental in our success!!!! It truly makes this journey of ours worth it!!! We could also like to thank Daniel Parks and Acropolis Records, Ernie Bal...l, Skinnie Magazine, Press Box and the entire Vans Warp organization for providing us with an opportunity to showcase our passion for music!!!! We would also like to take the time to acknowledge all of the other 12 bands and their fans who came out and fought hard for this bragging right!!! We commend them and wish them all the best!!!! Again, from Seeds Of War a huge thanks and see you all at the House Of Blues on June 19!!!!

Come blow you face off April 14 at Steiners!


August shows!

Max Steiners Long Beach Lounge on the 5th and Cooks Corner on the 6th! Hope to see you all there!

Recording Commencing Soon!!!

Super excited to get this going. To put our songs down on a CD to actually get out to you all is going to be very rewarding. Stay tuned gang!

2nd Live Show Coming to a select group!

CORE's playing a private show for the Super Bowl. We are expecting at least 100 people or more! We will be recording video/audio in HD so keep an eye out for it if you did not get invited.

Played our first Live Show!

The CORE played our fist show with a new guitar player. David has been practicing with us for several weeks now and seems to be working out great. We are going to be going into recording a 10 song CD and look forward to sharing it with all of our fans. Thanks to all that came out this past Saturday. To all that couldn't make it, don't worry. I feel you will be seeing us very soon.


Looking for a new band member, lead guitar, that is a dedicated team player. We practice 2 nights a week Wednesdays and Sundays. Please contact me at craig@cgconstruct.net with your request for interview.

Monday's are not so bad!

Sunday's are much better than Monday's but Monday is the day after Sunday and Sunday's have been a great band practice day so Monday's are a great day of remembrance! Oh yeah, we must not forget football!