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A wonderful jam!

Back after a summer off with our jam sessions at Parkside Lounge, and what a great way to begin. Val Mindel added so much, we're pleased to have her share this time with us. It was a great mix of tunes and songs - something that doesn't usually happen in old-time jams (they usually focus around instrumental tunes).

Towards the end, everyone played their favorite Uncle Dave Macon material. I couldn't have been happier.

Not only that, but we had a strong Australian contingent there! Thanks to them for coming out and we hope they enjoy the Martin Guitar Factory tour tomorrow.

Look for this jam every month, bring an instrument for tunes and songs.

68 Jay Street Bar is fabulous

We performed there for the first time the other night and let me tell you the place was hopping on a Wednesday night! I didn't think that many people even lived in Dumbo! We had to crank the PA just to be heard over the general ruckus. Nice thing about being a Wolf, however, is when Emily starts in with her whistling, people get quiet. It's THAT impressive. Hey, she ain't a world champion because she's pretty. That girl can whistle. And once she gets 'em, we put on our best show to keep 'em. So, we had a fantastic, rawkus night.

Jan & Steve, proprietors and fine folks, mentioned having us play there again soon, so look for another Jay Street gig on our calendar. Until then, keep howlin'!

Oh, and be sure to come to Googie's Lounge (above the Living Room) on Sept 11 to here every Wolf playing Ukulele in a tight set. all uke, no juke, i mean, joke.

Wonderful gigs, plus another tonight

The Whistlin' Wolves have enjoyed some fantastic gigs since our inception (good movie, btw), but I must say the last one was one of the best. We performed at a kind of community center for socialists upstate. Not only did they listen intently, have great attitudes, treat us well and have a wonderful space to play in, but they also gave us our best special guest ever. Stripey brought her fiddlin' A-game with a sweet version of My Old Kentucky Home that would have made my mama proud. Thanks, Stripey! We play 2 sets at 68 Jay Street Bar in Dumbo, Brooklyn tonight. We're on at 8pm. Hope you can come out!

Getting our digital selves in order!

All this "new-time" technology on the interwebs is making this old-time band crazy. heck, we still haven't started plugging in our instruments yet. but we're figuring it out slowly and surely. as a matter of fact, this is our first ever blog entry. We still don't know what it does, but we reckon we're supposed to have one. Til next time!