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could I get anymore sick!?

other than throwing up, I feel like death. today its worse than ever. weezing, cant even blink without my whole head hurting. Im just hoping to get over this before I have to record. I took some tussin on the drive back from Kerrigans last night, and I took the best estimate of a teaspoon that I could. I think I took too much lol ;) I hate taking any kind of meds, but the pain = unbearable. Like I dont have enough trouble with my sinuses to begin with! and I feel terrible that we had to cancel tonights show with such short notice.. everything hurts.. inside and out. so for now, I've got John Mayer's Live in LA dvd to keep me company whilst I fall asleep and dream of being uppity and chipper again. :)

So much work.

today, I went to the dr, and she gave me a z pack. Those first two pills you got to take made me feel like even more poop! but im hoping that it'll get me back in tip top shape for the recording session on March 11th. I'm really excited for the upcoming things and all of the people that i've met already. Last night was awesome too. Everybody came out to jam and drink from the keg of youth :)

This Year.

This year is going to be productive. No more being afraid. I'm tired of thinking of what others will think of me! I'm the only one holding me back. but this year, its going to be a new year. I'm done with the fear... sounds like the start of a good song :) This Year.