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grindin` towards sucess

This morning is why I have to kep grinding towards success. While reading facebook, I noticed a interesting event. So I checked it out, only to find out that the promoter knew of me.So, we kept talking, and I ended up with two performances, one in Aug, and one in Sept. So my rep continues to grow

Just working

just working on some beats to send to a poet that I`m close to. I`m also working on some new songs and videos of my own.So, stay tuned-lol!

Working hard

Just busting my ass as usual-lol. Finished and sent a remix to a client, and God willing, there is more to come. Also performing Sunday, as a rapper/poet at Better Block.


I`m pretty busy this month. As a matter of fact, I`m headed to a poetry show right now.

Coffee Pot Cafe

My DJ show at the Coffee Pot Café was very fun and successful. Not only was I asked to be a regular, a fan was so impressed that she is going to refer me to other opportunities!


Just got out of my journalism class at the Akron Digital Media Center, another day, another grind,lol


I`m definitely blessed to have begun to generate some serious interest my music and the skills that I possess. Hopefully, it will lead to more attention and earning some money-lol

stretching it out

I produced,directed, and performed in a video called "Pass th` baton" Please check it out and spread the word!

just working on getting it back together

just working getting my projects organized and together

working on different projects

Just working on some music and video projects