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Greetings friends! We have uploaded some new tracks from our upcoming album, "A Vision Displaced." Please be sure to check them out and let us know what you think. We'd love to hear from you. Let the metal flow \m/

ALBUM UPDATE: Getting near!

So guitars have been tracked for our next album, "A Vision Displaced." Now we've gotta lay down vocals and then get this beast mixed, mastered, and into your ears! We've got some really awesome artwork being done right now by a good friend of ours, that will really encapsulate the music and themes behind the album. We've got some killer shows coming up, including a July 8th date with Flotsam and Jetsam. Until then, stay tuned and we'll keep ya posted on everything ERA! Let the metal flow ERAdicators \m/

ERA in 2015

Hello ERAdicators! We've got some amazing things in store for this year! First off, we've begun work on the new album. We are hoping for a June release. Also, we have some awesome shows lined up, as well as a few surprises, so stay tuned! Thanks for your continued support, it means a lot, and we hope to see you soon! LET THE METAL FLOW \m/

2014, here we come!

Been a while since we made an entry here. Alright, so as you may have heard, back in March we took home the SAMMY (Syracuse Area Music Award) for best metal of 2013! Very cool and honored! Thanks! Since then we've been working on some more new music and have some killer show announcements. First, May 14th, we'll be tearing up the stage alongside Devil You Know and Butcher Babies at The Lost Horizon. This is going to be a killer show. We'll be debuting two brand new songs as well that night. Very stoked!

Back in the saddle again \m/

Greetings friends! Our first show back was this past Saturday. Felt great to get back out there! We were blown away by the amount of support and the awesome reception we received, thanks a ton! Our last show prior was in August at the 95X-FEST. That was also the last show with our original singer. We parted ways amicably in September and have been working hard to not only get back in the game, but to step it up as well. If this last show is any indicator, this refined change seems to be worthy of our namesake and the music we create. We've leaked a spoiler song from our upcoming record (which we hope to have finished soon!) for you guys on Halloween. The song is called "Transcend the Physical State." Hope you've all enjoyed it and are anticipating the rest of the record. We sure are! Our next show is Dec. 14th at The Westcott Theater with All That Remains. This show is going to be one you will NOT want to miss. After that, we'll take some time off to switch our focus back to the new record and who knows, maybe throw some more new stuff on there. We have so much material in bits and pieces, it'd be nice to get it all completed and make this record HUGE! So with that said, we'd like to thank everyone for your continued support and thoughtful words, and we can't wait to see you all soon! CHEERS \m/!!!

Perfect Storm \m/

So just to give you guys a little update. Most of our close friends know, and some of you may have heard that in an unfortunate set of circumstances,that are totally amicable, Andy has decided to step away from his vocal duties at Era. After a lot of soul searching as to what move to make as a group we decided to keep rippin with Barry assuming main vocal duties as well as bass. Era is now a 4 piece. We started "demoing" a few tunes a couple weeks back in this new configuration and are really pleased with the results. TONIGHT we start officially tracking a new album and we are very excited to roll out our new sound,which remains to be everything you've come to expect from this band. We will be posting links to some new music and we'll keep you updated with our progress! Thanks for your time and support! Stay tuned friends!


Wow it's been a while! Was having some problems logging in over the past couple months. Anyways, we've got some new material finished that is undeniably good! We'll be recording a few of the new tunes soon and hope to follow that up with a full length of all new stuff. We've got some giant Syracuse NY shows coming up too that we hope you can make it to. June 20th we'll be playing at Three Fat Guys in with Polkadot Cadaver, a yet to be announced show (going to be BRUTAL!) July 26th at The Lost Horizon and we'll be tearing up the stage alongside a TON of bands at 95X FEST 2013 August 4th at The F SHED! Hope to see y'all out and we'll have some new tunes for ya up soon. Cheers \m/!!!

HELLO \m/!!!!

Wow...it's been awhile! Sorry everyone. We have been pretty busy and have had a lot of stuff going on. Anyways, we have successfully regained our stolen gear! Oh you didn't hear about that? Well now you have hahah. Yes, a few months ago we had our rehearsal room broke into by some scumbag(s) and had a lot of gear stolen. Most was recovered that night and within the following days everything had surfaced. Unfortunately the authorities had to hold onto it as evidence, and it was not until last week that we had gotten everything back. We have got 2 ew songs that are really killer, and a ton more in the works. We'll be rocking out tomorrow night with Hatebreed, Shadows Fall, Dying Fetus, & The Contortionist at the Westcott Theater in Syracuse, NY. If you're in the area, definitely gonna be a show you're not gonna want to miss! Looks like it's nearly sold out, so get your tix while ya can! Hope to see some familiar faces, as well as some new ones. Cheers \m/!!!


So we've been working on a lot of new material lately and are hoping to have some of it finished very soon. We have quite a few shows coming up and maybe we might sneak a little sumptin sumptin into the mix hahah

New Song

Had a ripper of a practice last night. Work on the new song is just about complete. Gonna be killer when it is all completed, can't wait \m/!!!