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Many Cars To The Train

I was once asked, "What is the story of Paul Anthony?" Confounded at the concept of defining myself as a story with a meaning, I gave a response that dodged the question. That question still burns in me and I will attempt to define myself here and now. Paul Anthony is a musical entity. A conceptual attempt to creating songs that are both melodic and instrumentally interesting without over emphasizing either, but delicately intertwining the two. But that does not answer the question, it rather presents the resulting musical approach. So here is the story in it's plainest form. I was the co creator and singer/guitarist of an electronically driven band Datura. We had a great run in the city and a ton of lineup changes including the eventual return of one of the other co creators. We eventually canned the electronics to make a heavy EP, Six Fists, that was completed but never released. The project stalled and I found myself tired of the lineup changes and consumption of the project. I decided to reinvent myself as solely a singer/songwriter. I had written all the songs, excluding 2 or 3, for Datura, but as a songwriter it seemed I could branch out stylistically into whatever I wanted. I bought my Washburn six-string acoustic and began playing open mics in NYC to begin the metamorphosis. I had three creepy songs and one really sweet one about my daughter that crooned, "...I'll be there if you want me to...." a pensive line that revealed the fear of a single father losing his daughter in the far future. The song seemed to strike a chord with people because of it's sweetness and honesty, but I knew no one knew what it was really about. I was out almost every night taking in the acoustic scene in NYC and I was beginning to see something beautiful in the entire thing. Some of these songwriters were amazing and inspiring. It was then that I wrote the first song that would be recorded for After Dark. The song is Finding Freedoms... I never looked back. I enlisted the original bass player from Datura, hired a drummer and spent over a year recording After Dark. Since then, I have signed w/ TMG records and made a CD with them as well as recorded a new Paul Anthony Band ep in NYC with some great friends. That is my story, I guess. It is abridged and I don't know if it truly answers the question, but I am looking for the answer myself and this begins the search. My story continues. There are many cars to the train that make up what I am and what this music is...a new car is coming.

First Song of The Night

so i get onstage to play last night and we begin the new song. I take step forward lift my guitar up a bit and the strap comes off the bottom. i still had it in my left hand but i am holding it. i maintain a trill while putting the strap back on. crisis averted. i sing a line or two step back for a guitar line stomp my foot and i stomp the cable out of the jack...silence...I plug it in laugh with tom and continue....this is a rough beginning...i am now 40 seconds into the first song to a packed house all eyes on me... so now i am in my head...this kind of thing can ruin a whole song if you don't come back from it...the first song of the set introduces a band and makes a statement for the rest of the set...potential disaster... The groove continues...Pat is a little fast...but it is good..i am waiting to sing...where is my cable? need to watch that, is the strap ok? don't think of it just don't pull the guitar up like that...mental note "put on strap locks" oh shit, sing...not yet, wait till you get the groove back, ok here I go, wow vocals sound huge, listen to tom and Pat , they are fucking locked in..ok i am back...let's kill this song...and we did.

Smax Music
Smax Music  (about 5 years ago)

awesome man :) I remembered that, but I didn't know so much was happening inside, you're a true professional man. Yes you killed it

Cd Release!!!!

The Cd Release party was a wonderful success and I want to thank Patrick Ben and all the supporters who came out to share the night with us. Pictures and videos of the show will be in a week or so. We had so much fun, we are going to do it again, but this time downtown in the financial district. Cd release party Friday, February 24th at Uncle Mike's 57 Murray St, NYC 9pm. I will be posting more about the show in the weeks to come. Stay warm and if you would like to see some good acoustic music, I will be playing this Sunday night at Local 269, 269 Houston, NYC, at 10 pm followed by my good friend, Tom Fitzpatrick.

The end of 2011....

...is puntuated by a completed cd, After Dark, and a myriad of new venues added to the list of places to perform. This year will be all about the live band and the cd. We are looking forward to seeing you all out there on the road. You can expect to see us in our area and in the south a bit. Happy Holidays to all of you. PA

From Now 'Tll Then...

I have been a busy little musician since this partictular year began. The band has been rehearsing and recording throuhgout this particularly snowy winter and we are at the final stages of After Dark, my first solo effort. In recent weeks, I have found some new places to perform my acoustic sets to add to the roster of venues to perform. The last few months have been some of the most rewarding I have had to date. I live for the day that music will be my only endeavor. I hope to see some of you at my upcoming shows and I look forward to sharing my music with everyone. So from then 'till now, it has all been good!

From Then 'Till Now

Happy New Year everyone! So far so good. The second stage of the recording is in process. We have four new songs done as far as the basic tracks go and I will be laying down final guitar tracks and beginning the vocals this week. Currently, I am booked as a solo acoustic act up to the end of Feb. with some new venues on the roster. I look forward to seeing you there. The Christmas season had a deep impact on me and I have been writing like mad during my bouts of insomnia. Good stuff. Hell, if I don't sleep at least I am productive!!

Endings and Beginnings

The new year is around the corner and will be bringing with it a host of new songs, recordings, pictures, etc. I am so very excited about all that is to come. The Songwriter's Spotlight at Hells Kitchen has been doing well and we are just about booked up to the end of February 2011. Other events are in the works but the most exciting news is the recording of the next batch of songs for After Dark, my cd in the works. Recording begins in 2 weeks! Video's on the way!

House of Blues

What else can I say except that it was the freakin' House Of Blues in the Crescent City. The buildup to the show was worth the wait and the work. New Orleans was the best as always and the night was a tremendous success. Right now, I am back in the big apple and ready for shows up to Christmas. Full live band shows coming soon! See you all out and about. PA


Currently, I have been preparing for a host of shows leading up to House of Blues in New Orleans on Halloween night. NY city has been great to me so far and I am looking forward to taking my one-man, sometimes two-man,show on the road.