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Lisa Kitty Valadez Talking to the World

Good Morning Tuesday! Thanking God and loving everything about him. I'm having my coffee and talking to my Husband Dawreck about all our ideas and plans. Dedicating myself TO God, My Husband, Children and Music In that ORDER!!! Check Lisa Kitty Valadez and ALyze Chicago out on COAST2COAST MIXTAPEhttp://coast2coastmixtapes.com/mixtapes/mixtapedetail.aspx/makinmoves-mixtape-vol-73

Can you see yourself in 1 year? What surprises are along the way

Can you see yourself 1 year from now? In this life you will be doing some walking, but the question is where are you walking to? Faith is blind, You don't want to go backwards so Forward is your only option. I see myself this time next year being further ahead, Promoted, accomplished, extremely happy, and my name Lisa Valadez becoming a brand, being known as a beautiful, brilliant successful songwriter/singer. Everyone should ask themselves this same question, where do you see your life in one year? Create your goal and ask God to help you to achieve it! God has a plan for all of his children. You are, and We all are perfectly made by the Almighty God. You are special! Practice Speaking positive words in your life, and into others lives. Smile everyday and laugh every time you can. Keep your hands open always looking for ways to give, and God will make sure that your hands are open to receive all of his great blessings. When God closes one door, my friend keep your eyes open, and know that he is opening up a window. If and when you hit a rough patch in life, speak Gods words this to shall pass. Never be afraid to cry, Crying is good for the soul. Listen to music you love, Music speaks to your heart. Life is so short, appreciate the minutes, The high and low moments. Keep a look out for beautiful sunsets, Blue skies and a lot of surprises.

How can a indie artist stand out in this industry

How can a indie artist stand out?: I love to sing and write music. God place this des...: I love to sing and write music. God place this desire in my heart and gave me a gift. The gift of music! I have been singing and writing mos...