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CD descriptions

“La Luz” (2010) 8 songs The La Luz cd is over an hour of ambient electronic music in the mold of Brian Eno and is inspired by the high desert of New Mexico and Big Sky country. Introspective and gravitatingly serene, this album has no beats, drums, bass, guitar or vocals... Just atmospheric bliss.

"Trieste" (2009) 12 songs Trieste is a lofi experimental cd recorded with only homemade instruments and found objects... Wood, buckets, fishing line, shower curtain, sea shells, twine, nuts and bolts, sticks, beer bottles, etc... including the songs "Meat is murder", "Elephant Man" and "The man with no face" among others. This is not just banging on pots and pans... Actual songs born from the junk pile.

"Swirl" (2007) 22 songs Swirl is a 22-song lofi cd that contains the original 12 songs from the 1996 untitled cassette recorded on a Tascam 4-track which have been remastered as well as ten new songs. The current cds available for a limited time are individually hand packaged with 22 separate lyric cards if you buy the physical cd. Songs on Swirl include "High five on the dead guy", "Stick it to the man" and "Archie Swirl."

"Headfirst down the stairs" (2006) 22 songs This is the top-selling Sleeping Dogs Lie cd. There are 22 energetic lofi songs like "Brainiac", "Try not to go head first down the stairs", "Kilimanjaro" and "Another drunken Santa Claus Christmas." Head first down the stairs is filled creative and catchy little ditties. Twelve musicians and friends sat in on the recording of this cd playing different instruments.

"Nude" (2002) 12 songs Nude is a collection of stripped down and laid back songs. This cd includes the most popular Sleeping Dogs Lie songs "Burl Ives Died" and "Weird about Steve." For the most part, this cd is mellow and meandering between electronic and acoustic songs... a relaxing listen.

"Slightly confusing to a stranger" (2000) 12 songs This 12-song cd is an extreme lofi, experimental cd with the songs "Mr. Corn", "Slightly confusing to a stranger" and "Buddy"... If you like your lofi to bounce all over the place in style, tone and feel, this is your new baby.

"Joy" (1997) 12 songs Miami's City Link Magazine's Jake Cline says "David Geffen is missing out" with this lofi indie gem with songs like "Tragic Monk Sat", "Todd" and "American". If you are looking for a cd with songs about arm hair, aliens, lost pets, porno flicks from 1974 and the witness protection program... this could be your winner. Joy was the debut release from Sleeping Dogs Lie.

Charity rock?

100% of all Sleeping Dogs Lie proceeds from cd and download sales go to charity. Thank God I don't make my living as a musician. There are a million musicians and bands in every garage, warehouse and shack that has a power outlet. I think that it's funny that musicians seem to be more competitive than sports fanatics. Each think that they have the magic "thing" that the world has been missing since Leo Fender amped a chunk of wood and strings. I admit that I felt like that at one time as well, but I came to the realization that if you truly expect to be that blade of grass that gets picked for such high honor, you have to be stark raving mad to begin with. Plain and simply, I love music. I love to write songs. I love to piece together melodies. I've written and recorded 100 songs in the last 14 years. I've self-released seven cds of odd and original indie rock in that time. I was never about waiting around for someone to move me forward in the music world. I've been perfectly content doing my own thing for a long time... and since 2006, I decided that all of the money that I make from cd and download sales should go to charity. So, I appreciate your support and so do others who benefit from your donation. Charity rock... better than not.