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My Spiritual Director suggested i write a piece of music as a spiritual exercise. Well, all my music has a spiritual element as I believe that creativity comes from the Creator. This latest piece, Praying, is designed to be listened to on headphones while meditating or praying. I'd be interested in knowing if it works for anyone.

Live in 65

I have uploaded the movie "Live at the Cellar Club in 1965." The Cellar Club was in the cellars of the YMCA in Chester's Old Palace building. It was the local version of the famous Liverpool Cavern Club and had the same domed brick ceiling and troglodyte-home ambience. I have no photos of the inside of the club, but I have scanned in some snaps of the outside of the Old Palace and myself playing guitar at the time. Our band was floating in membership depending on the availability of musicians. I recall one really interesting session when we were playing "Hang on Sloopy," and several YMCA residents from Africa turned up. They immediately joined in and we had a powerhouse lineup with them singing and playing percussion. Fun times!

Ancient tapes

Back in 1965 the cassette tape recorder was a new-fangled device. A friend brought his along to one of our band's gigs and I have really fuzzy tapes. Now using one of these units that let you make CDs from vinyl LPs and cassettes, I have transferred some of these old recordings to disk. Maybe I will upload an excerpt or two for historical value.

Gospel day

I'm not really sure why, but I woke up yesterday feeling that it was a great day to record "Take My Hand, Precious Lord." An old favourite of mine since listening to Elvis sing it on his Peace in the Valley EP. It was fun to play with the reverb and give it that old "recorded in the bathroom" sound. I'll be singing this live at the Auburn concert next month.