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Good morning, Nation! This year has been a very busy one for myself. After stepping off the stage on 12/31/2015, I have spent my days working tirelessly to get my wife the surgery she needs to save her life. Diagnosed with a rare brain condition, all of our energies have gone into getting her to the very best people. We are very close to a surgical date, and with prayers and fingers crossed, a full reversal of symptoms! As to music, when able, I have continued to create, write and record here at Casa Des Santos, working on new music as well as the re tracking of a concept album I wrote pre-SoS, titled The Razor's Kiss. It is a 12 or so song concept piece, which , using new drum and guitar technology, is quickly taking shape. The new tracks are much more clear, and defined than my original version, still floating about online in some places. It is my hope to have them available for sale and download at some point, however, with my focus on family, a release date is not quite forthcoming. Drummer Bobby Campbell continues to play live with various music projects, and our friends from the band, both past and present are all working on life, love, and music in their own respective ways. It is my hope that I can continue to work with some of the amazing people I put together in this wonderful band experience as time allows, in some fashion. Finally, I want to give my heart felt thanks to everyone who has supported my decision to focus on family at this time, instead of my live performing. It really means the world, and I thank you all from my heart. Well, that's about all I have for now, I do have two new tracks I am working on completing, once I get some guest players on board, and have a chance to lay some vocals. I will post the tracks online, and link them from here, so I hope you all will keep an ear to the wall! Allen Dean, The Last_Saint www.skinofsaints.net SkinofSaints@gmail.com


it is my sad duty to announce the dissolution of Skin of Saints for the foreseeable future. Due to family and health issues, I have chosen to take a sabbatical in order to care for my family, and the health of my loved ones. in the interim, i plan to record at home, and continue to write, sing, play, and be as creative as my schedule will allow. i wish to thank all my former bandmates for their love, support and friendship during this time of change. i also wish to thank our fans, families and supporters for their kindness, well wishes, and understanding. signing off for now, but hopefully not forever. Allen Dean, Lead Vocals, Guitars CEO Skin of Saints Music


Good Morning! We wish to announce the addition of our new lead Guitarist, Jearme Greathouse, to Skin of Saints! it is with great respect and admiration we welcome Jearme to the family, and know you will love his playing and writing styles as much as we do! a consummate professional, with so much more music theory under the hood than a hack like myself can comprehend, Jearme is helping us usher a new direction in sound and fury. our songs will evolve, change, and maybe become a little faster, but the core belief in doing what the song dictates over the player's needs will always remain the same. Look for our first rollout to take place on 10/30/2015 at Back Nine Bar and Grill in citrus Heights, CA, where we are honored to take part in a two-day benefit for local Sacramento Animal Shelters! Covering Bass with us this night will be our good friend and brother Miles Daniels, from Sacramento's Sammy Award Winning Band, Fair Struggle. We are so stoked for this show, and we hope to see as many of you there as possible! til then, Cheers! Allen Dean, Skin of Saints, Sacramento www.skinofsaints.net

Coming soon

Hello, fellow saints! The band has made some critical changes, in personnel and attitude! We will be announcing our new lineup, and booking shows around the first of July, so please stay tuned for the new SoS 2.0

In Search Of.....

I hope you have noticed our advertisements, across all of our media, regarding the loss of our two members, Greg Fox and Jason Bailey. It is not appropriate for me to post a one sided, inflammatory indictment of character. I will say this: for Skin of Saints to continue to exist, changes had to be made, and now we are looking ahead, and not backward. As the coming weeks months and years will prove, all bands exist in two worlds; one is that of a marriage. A family. A coupling of lives and interests. Creativity is only a small part of it. We rely on each other. Draw strength during hard times, and feed love and positivity in the good times. The other part is the business side. The side no musician wants to admit, nor talk about. However, in this world of YouTube, spotify and other millions of sites dedicated to the abilities of anyone with even an iPhone to create, and publish music, record labels have faded nearly to extinction. Thus, as a necessity, bands must conduct their projects as a business. With all of the challenges, rewards and paperwork, this endeavor entails. Skins of Saints wish our former members so much luck and prosperity. We take great pride in our accomplishments from 2012-2014. Now, though, Bobby Campbell and myself are setting positive and lofty goals with an eye to new music, more shows, and a global presence, and we truly hope to see our friends and supporters abroad as soon as possible, putting our stamp on hard rock music in whatever way we can. Thank you all for your continued support, and love. Allen Dean, Skin of Saints ™


We are less than 2 weeks away from our next show -V103.net's RockFest- on October 4th, 2014!! We hope to see all of you out there, and if you still have need of tickets, please contact the band, or purchase through our online store! Online Sales will end three days before the show, so don't delay!! With that in mind, we are holding a SPECIAL contest, we are calling Wicked GrooveTube! During our RockFest performance, we will be asking everyone to film us performing our song, WICKED GROOVE. After the show, we will post an email address and instructions where to send your footage on all of our social media. Skin of Saints is going make a music video from YOUR Cameras, Phones, and old timey video devices!!! Here is where the contest gets kick ass: the best overall footage used in the video will win a special Skin of Saints/That Metal Chick(Threat Con Nation Magazine columnist) Goodie bag, filled with Skin of Saints merch, as well as rare, signed metal and hard rock mementos from That Metal Chick's personal collection! This could mean, signed VIP lanyards from bands such as Dream Theater, Megadeth, or Anthrax! this could mean Signed CD'sFrom Megadeth or Queensryche! I DON"T KNOW what she's gonna throw in that bag!! So get your asses to ROCKFEST on 10/04/13, and FILM US! Advance tickets are only 20.00, for a full day of music with nearly 20 local and regional bands, as well as headliners Alien Ant Farm. Kids under 12 get in free. There will be food, fun, merch and mayhem. Help us make this the most WICKED RockFest to date!! -Allen


We here at Skin of Saints custom animal pin striping, recycled bottle welding and haberdashery wish to thank everyone who has patiently waited for some decent music! It has been a long year for us. What started as a ten song, full length CD has now evolved into a 4- song EP. We took the best sessions to one of the best guys in the business, and he helped us to craft what we feel is a really good representation of Skin of Saints. In the next couple weeks, we will be releasing all four songs to worldwide digital distribution. So, again, thank you all for continuing to support our cause, and we hope to see all of your at our next show, 10/04/14 at the V103.net RockFest!! -Allen

Music and rankings

Hi- Allen from SoS here; you might have noticed I took down all our music. Well, that's in anticipation of new mixes! So please bear with us while we transition into the badass.... Also, if you could all do me a favor and spread the word? Our rankings here a wildly low! Don't know how it works, but maybe if we get new fans here, we can start to make some buzz! Thanks, we love you guys and grrls!


hi... Allen Dean here... please visit our NEW WEBSITE!! www.skinofsaints.net and while you are there, please check out my new blog page, www.skinofsaints.net/blog thank you. we now return you to your program...

Ticket sales, ugh....

So, like many local bands, we are forced to sell tickets. We don't like it, we don't want to do it. We would much rather have things like they were in the good old eats, tell your friends to show up, and pay at the door- concentrate on the music. But, this is a business. And as such, we have to do what we have to do in order to get the bigger shows, the national acts, and greater exposure. To all of you who have recognized this, we truly thank you. Without your support, and purchase of tickets, we would go nowhere, and not get the opportunity to perform with bigger named people, who could possibly move our little project in a direction that gives us greater exposure to a wider audience. To those of you on the fence; please buy tickets from local bands! We need your help! When you wait and get them at the door, it is not counted towards our sales, and we do not get credit for who you are coming to see.. Your support and advance ticket purchase gives us the ability to bargain for better shows, more visible time slots, and larger venues. Thanks, that it all, and come see us, LIVE on 02/07/14, opening for Michael Schenker!! Tickets still on sale!! Contact the band, or buy online at www.skinofsaintsmusic.bigcartel.com

Paul Lewis
Paul Lewis  (almost 4 years ago)

Just bought my tickets online! Love it that you have it setup that way so you don't have to deliver. Paul Rocker