Why we're a band

We DID NOT write this. Have Heart from Boston, Massachusetts did. However, it is exactly the view we have on playing music.

"Have heart started out as a band with the goal of playing some hardcore shows around massachusetts. we never set out to do anything more than that.

a staple ideal for us has and always will be to go for broke and work hard at everything we do, whether it be writing music or playing it. i think we've found some success sticking to that ideal and we are very grateful for everything we have ever achieved and all the people who have helped and supported us along the way.

money, popularity, or social status has never been on the agenda for us. if we wanted money, we'd earn it at a job at our homes. if we wanted popularity we'd write the record YOU wanted us to write. if we wanted a better social status, we'd search ebay for the shirts of our favorite obscure bands so you'd know exactly who we listen to. all that shit is for the birds.

we have been given many oppurtunities to play in some of the most wild places in this world and it would seem foolish to pass those oppurtunities up. to get a chance to play to as many people as we possibly can while we're still around is still very much so our goal.

we go for broke, but hope to break even and nothing more. gas has gone up, so in order to avoid having to raise our guarentees so we can just get to the next show, we raised the price of t-shirts by two dollars....and that ONLY applies when we are on tour. I started going to shows in the summer of 1999 and tshirts were 10 bucks, but gas was 79 cents a gallon. things change, thats just how it goes. we just aim to get to the next show.

we don't care what your band is doing or how much you are charging or why you're here. but don't ever get our agendas confused with the masses' intention. at the current moment we're a full time touring band. you'll only hear us asking for some water on stage and hooopefully have the expenses we had getting to the show and to the next covered, especially if we are in the full-time touring schedule, but if you don't, we won't run your ass to the ATM. just be honest, as we have always been.

if this whole thing were about money, popularity or trying to gain some type of social status we didn't get in highschool, we sure as hell wouldn't be here.

have heart started at a time in hardcore where i felt honesty and hard work weren't all too prevalent, so we wanted to honestly work hard. and that, my friends, is that.

we love you, we hate you, & yet we still love you. see you on the road...

-patrick flynn"