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#Horlet 2015!

Ok Horlets its that time again! As of August 2014 we are now working on the follow up to The Keys Of Life And Death album.The writing process has now begun.So what is to be expected of the New Full Length album?Everything The Keys Of Life And Death brought you plus a lot more.We now are in full swing with new Keyboardist Evan English,and the poise and sound coming out of him so far is going to make your head spin!This album will be hopefully another 60 minuets of heart pumping melodic metal with another great story behind it.As you Horlets know we are always full of surprises and secrets and believe me we have a few lined up for you.So until then keep showing the support keep sharing metal music and keep locked to our pages. And as always thank you for the support Horlets!!!! You are the most dedicated fans in the world.

Full Album

We will start recording our first full length album this winter at Saba Studios.We are really excited about this it will be close to an hours worth of metal.Please stay tuned for studio updates.