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UEM on The Dung Mummy Show on Killradio.org

Last Thursday, 4/11/2013, UEM was on The Dung Mummy Show on killradio.org. This is a weekly show that spotlights all kinds of experimental music - electronic, noise, free improv. We played a short live set, followed by five studio tracks. We then sat down for an interview. You can check out the show here:


Our segment begins around 0:31. However the whole show was really cool. Check it out and let me know what you think.

UEM @ The Luggage Store - April 26, 2012

UEM rehearsals began in earnest this weekend for our show on April 26th at The Luggage Store in San Francisco.

Using Moovmi with Ableton Live

On Tuesday (6/22/11) , I was the guest on Ear Meal - a WEB cast that can be viewed on laartstream.com. For this show, I performed a piece using Moovmi for Ableton Live. Moovmi, is a Max For Live Video-to-MIDI device that produces midinote sequences from video data analysis. That is, it takes the feed from the camera and reduces the image to 16 pixels (4X4). These 16 pixels are laid over the pads of a sampler. I selected the samples, however, they were triggered by changes in color and brightness. The program allow you to "paint" the image by controlling the amount of red, green, and blue - as well as frame rate, brightness, contrast, etc. These changes affect the triggering process. The post FX image was sent to an external monitor.

You can view it here: ear-meal/williamharrington

The SoftStep Experiment

Totally disillusioned with my experience trying to program the Behringer FCB1010 (with the "UNO" unpdate), I had a chance encounter with a rep for the Keith Mcmillan SoftStep. I bought it that day. It arrived about 3 days ago. Now I'm in the process of trying to program it. So far (even though I haven't been able to do anything yet, it looks like a winner. It weighs about 1/4 of what the Behringer weighs - plus it will fit in a backpack. It's software based and has an editor for both Mac and PC. There is a learning curve. I hope to have it operating both my Korg Kaoss KP3 and Alesis Micron by Monday.

More to follow....

Check out this review that was posted on kamp.arizona.edu


Submitted by World MD on Wed, 02/16/2011 - 6:09pm

Artist: William C. Harrington Non-Airable Tracks: n/a Label: Urban Electronic Music

So it's not necessarily a new story (though the whole collectively exploring experimental music and noise with instruments is pretty cool....to learn more go to http://www.urbanelectronicmusic.com): formally trained musician becomes infatuated with the realm of electronic music and all of the possibilities it presents, slowly begins incorporating different styles, and voila! Something new and exciting is born. Such is the case of multi-instrumentalist/composer William C. Harrington who on this, his fifth album, G3, he has decided to collect a series of improvisations he had a chance of participating in with “some of Southern California's finest improvisers.” At this time I feel it necessary to say the following: this is not music for the faint of heart. Now, if that doesn't turn you off I also feel comfortable saying that listening to this album is quite a rewarding experience Listen more than once though...LOTS of range

Sounds Like: Edgar Varèse, John Zorn

Recommended Tracks:

Fuzzbergenoids (Track 4)**** – powerful song and oh, it will take you places The Brighton Syndrome (Track 7)*** – Ornette Coleman (yes, I do know that Coleman played alto, not soprano) meets the cast of Stomp! The Little Pad in the Echo Park (Track 9)**** - Holy shit! Wait...so Albert Ayler isn't dead?

Name: Jonathan Cohen Date Reviewed: 02/16/2011


RagaBhara by William C. Harrington

Ten Tracks of Improvised Music/Noise - FREE!

I've just uploaded 10 recordings made over the last year of improvisations with friends of mine. Some free jazz, electronics and noise. The entire set is free. You can listen and/or download one or all ten tracks for nothin'.



Two of my cd's are now available online

Nuclear Menace - which has been out of print - and Music inspired by Meeson Pae Yang's Mixed Media Sculptures, are now available online. Check it out here: http://wmharrington.bandcamp.com/