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Damn Bug!

Jimmy Buffett once said "Once that bug bites you, you live with the sting". He was referring to the music bug which pretty much gets every performer. Once you've experienced the high of a good performance, you just can't get enough, or get away as I've discovered recently.

I tried to get away from performing to spend more time writing and recording as well as putting in a bit more effort on my day job. The day job pays the bills and a new opportunity came up which required more commitment and concentration. Being the responsible guy I took the position.

Since then I've done a couple of impromptu shows with the guys and realized, I'll never get away from it. As long as I can play an instrument or sing, I'll still be performing as often as I can.

So I've put the band back together, gratefully they hadn't committed to anyone else in the meantime, and graciously, they have agreed to work with me again. I am truly blessed with the people I have had the opportunity to work with over these many years. I am looking forward to working with them for many more to come.

I am learning to live with the sting.

Live to play, Play Live!