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R.A.E of Hip Hop 360 Records

Check out up & coming D.C. hip-hop artist, R.A.E when you get the chance and immediately notice a distinct, rythmatic flow and presence on songs when you listen to him. With his upcoming mixtape (R.U.S.H), R.A.E is broadening his outreach to area artists in hopes of "No Limit(ing)" the game and flooding airwaves with his quality sound. In search of new production, he has kept it moving by recording a slew of new songs and staying in the lab. His style is versatile and promises a wide audience of listeners once he breaks onto the scene. Look out for the mixtape 'R.U.S.H' set to drop in Nov 2010 and more follow-up projects. His solo album 'Sincerely Yours' is due to release in April 2011. Also the video for lead single "Big City Dreams" will be released and uploaded for viewers to see in October 2010. Watch out for more from R.A.E as he keeps releasing fresh, dope material for true hip hop enthusiasts to enjoy. R.A.E/HipHop360Records llc twitter.com/raemcee2