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The pains of love last your whole life long.....

So this album "Pains of Love" was written while going through a very painful divorce. All stability and trust was blown away, like sand down a long stretch of highway. No amount of love or law could pick up the pieces of this relationship. I hope that if you give a few songs a listen, you too will get in touch with your crazy jealous side, along with all the songs of regret, sadness and finally resolution. Picking out the wrong man sure can tear you apart, as "Mr. Stitch" demonstrated. I put lyrics down so you can all read what was almost in the newspapers, the kind of newspapers I use to line the garbage with. However, it all works out for Baby with dreams and a strong heart as well as an epic number "My Name was Spoken" which most people say ah-ha to. So Aloha for now. I still believe in love and if this makes me a fool, spell it with a capital *F*. L.Toy