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Looking for Drummer!

We've Got New Songs! Filming New Videos! And Ready To See Our New Fans!

Reno's Chop Shop- Live footage

We will be posting some live footage of our show at Renos Chop Shop for our fans. Thank you guys for coming out and supporting us! Sadly this was our last show with drummer Shane Reynolds. We are grateful for his contributions and wish him the best in future endeavors. At this point we are auditioning drummers and look forward to being back onstage, doing what we love. Thanks again.

New Content Coming Soon

We have got some live footage from the show at Tomcats 5-11-12 that we are going to post. Added bonus- Our set at this show was all new material! So we are really excited to show you guys.

Behind the Scenes

Alright guys we have been doing a lot of behind the scenes work and we have so much to share with you. We have been working together on material since about mid July and will be making our live debut within the next couple of months, so stay tuned. Right now we have around 10 songs total but during practice we have been coming up with some cool riffs as well as some songs written that we have never got to play live, so we are very excited. We are also going to be adding some material to our sites that have never been posted or released until now. So enjoy, and we can't wait to get out there in front of you guys. Thanks for your support and we will see you soon!!!


Vespers hit the studio a couple of weeks ago and will soon be releasing the song "Over the Line" as a radio single. The band also have several new songs they are working on as well as keeping busy with their live shows. Look for them coming to a city near you and as always stay tuned for live releases, video clips and updates at Reverbnation, Facebook and Myspace.

New Material Posted!

As a holiday treat over the next few days Vespers for the Dead will be posting clips from their latest recording sessions. Soon to be followed by their full length release!


Just got done with our bandwagon show in fort worth. Thanks to all the bands and all of our fans for coming out. We will be adding some video footage and some new material to the site over the next several weeks. Also upcoming shows and some new pics.

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