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As some of you know I got a chance to go to Nashville, TN for a recording session there and let me tell ya if you get the chance, do it and learn all you can. I came home with a whole new understanding of the music business. I thought that things were easy in the business but I saw a whole new light. I came home with a whole new host of information to use and am creating my own music. I have created a new group a solid one. My wife Amity has seen me through thick and thin and stood by me when all others ran. I thank GOD for sending her my way. We have had a great 24 years together and now I can show her how much I care for her. Anyone that knows me knows that I love music and I want her to know how much I love her. My new group and only group is now "Amity Drive" she gives me the drive to continue when all others turn tail and run and I thank her and cherish her for that. I want all my friends to visit and friend www.reverbnation.com/amitydrive I will probably be closing this page and would not want to loose anyone. You all have made this ride more joyable. GOD Bless each of you.......................

The Mt Airy Cut-Ups

You just may see them anywhere and no tellin what band name they will come up with next. Jack Holt and the Mt. Airy Cut-Ups

Consisted of: Jack Holt - Mandolin / Vocals Colonel Bowman - Guitar / Banjo / Vocals Jackson Taylor - Lead Guitar Chester Shelton - Harmonica / Vocals Arnold Mooniehan - Guitar Tony Marshall - Banjo Todd Beverly - Guitar.

Article By: Sam Ward, As we were leaving the Old Earle Theatre in Mt. Airy, NC this fine Saturday afternoon, my Virginia buddy turned to me and our wives and said, “There is no way this could have been better!” We all agreed. We had just experienced a satisfying sequence of musical events. First, we were treated for over an hour to a rotating jam session by three very talented musicians; Tim Chadwick, Charlie Hawks, and Clyde Tate. Great performers, all three. The following hour was filled by a well-rehearsed, bluegrass group, Eleventh Hour, expertly playing and singing bluegrass gospel songs to the delight of the audience. Then for the final hour and one-half, as the scheduled band for the last session of the Merry-Go-Round failed to appear, the WPAQ Master of Ceremonies, Brack Llewellyn, solicited a group of local musicians who were playing in the street (as they frequently do) to fill in for the missing band. Led by Jack Holt, this impromptu band of seven musicians was introduced as the Mt. Airy Cut Ups. They all performed spectacularly, as if they had rehearsed specifically for this performance. Special mention must be made concerning the youngest member of the Mt. Airy Cut Ups. Thirteen year old Jackson Taylor, expertly picked many of the breaks on a borrowed guitar. I hope I got his name right, but it doesn’t matter. Anyone who can play as well as he does at age thirteen, will be well know in the near future. He was on a camping trip and visiting Mt. Airy, when he asked to join the street musicians. He was then asked by Jack Holt to be a member of the Cut Ups. All things considered, my buddy was right. For us fans, there is no way this could have been better.

The Sandbox Boys

The first debut of "Jack Holt and The Sandbox Boys" was on Mt. Airy - Merry Go Round - at the EARL THEATRE and broadcast on local radio station WPAQ on 10/22/2011. The Group was comprised of: Jack Holt - Mandolin - You can read Jack's Bio on this page. Bruce Mosley - Lead Guitar and Fiddle - Bruce is an excellent musician by all rights he can probably play just about anything with strings. He is an excellent person and tries to help everyone he meets. Eric Marshall - Banjo - Eric is a excellent musician and is also a serviceman and has served in our recent wars protecting our freedoms so we can be able to to the things we do. He is a family man also amongst playing several instruments fluently I am glad to have met himhe is an inspiration to me. Ben Marshall - Doghouse Bass - Ben Is the son of Eric Marshall and is only 10 years old he is an excellent bass player one of the best that I know. I have also heard through the grapevine that he plays guitar. I am eager to see what his future holds Ben keep up the good work. Colonel Bowman - Rythm Guitar - Is the father of the famed LRB band member, Singer/Songwriter Ronnie Bowman. He has his own group The Harvest Time Singers and he plays various instruments. He and I have been all over NC & Southern VA playing music and making friends. He's just like a father to me. All musicians except for Ben sung familiar bluegrass and gospel tunes. Shouts from the crowd inspired what seemed to be quite a revival if you will, shouts and even dancing of the musicians which even lasted longer than the broadcast. Everyone seemed to have a great time. I'm sure you havn't heard the last of Jack Holt and The Sandbox Boys. You may even be able to find them at a local jam doing what they enjoy and that is making great music. May GOD Bless until we meet again.

God Is Moving And The Manna From Heaven Is Falling!!!!!

I just want everyone to know that GOD is moving and Revival is on the way and if you want to be part of it then read on. Once you trust fully in Jesus there is nothing like it. If you have a Bible handy read these verses in this order this explains the reason for and the way to salvation (Romans Chapter 3: Verse 23, Romans 3:10–18, Romans 6:23, Romans 5:8, Romans 10:9, Romans 10:13, Romans 5:1, Romans 8:1, Romans 8:38-39) ---- Would you like to follow the Romans Road to salvation? If so, here is a simple prayer you can pray to God. Saying this prayer is a way to declare to God that you are relying on Jesus Christ for your salvation. The words themselves will not save you. Only faith in Jesus Christ can provide salvation! "God, I know that I have sinned against you and am deserving of punishment. But Jesus Christ took the punishment that I deserve so that through faith in Him I could be forgiven. With your help, I place my trust in You for salvation. Thank You for Your wonderful grace and forgiveness - the gift of eternal life! Amen!"

Today Is A Good Day

I woke up early this morning and have been blessed all day. Have You???