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The City LOVE Concert

externalfile:drive-545062ff0fc830b285d9ae10d0d11b459ff123f4/root/concertflyer.jpg We pray you can make it!

Donate %50 to the CARE Foundation

Amen thank you all for your supprt, prayers and love. Black-Ink Ent and Pulse Music Group are looking to build more album/tracks sales before Thanksgiving and even beyond that. Half of all proceeds go to the #CAREfoundation. They help under privilaged families across the globe gain housing, food, clothes and supplies for school. Including lumber to build the educational facilities. So everyone pick up a CD now or download a song that helps your spirit! This is a great download for your kids and grandmothers. Physical copies are available for bookstores and liscenced vendors in bulk

Donna Shipp Black
Donna Shipp Black  (over 2 years ago)

Stacey I am so proud of your accomplishments and I am so sure that God is too! He knew you before the foundation of the earth, even before I knew you and He knew the gift that He had put in you! I have seen you go from faith to faith and now glory to glory! Your music is an inspiration to all people, young and old! I appreciate the opportunity I had to birth you and nourish you and then gave you back to God! So now I get to see the glorious things He had done and continue to do in you! May God continue bless you son in your every endeavor! I love you to life!

2015 Sophmore Album release

After so many lessons learned the time has come to release my testimony. #Lordguidemyvoice!

Giving back!

I have been marketing and promoting my new project for about a month now since the release date. I know that in order to see a harvest you have tend to the seed that you planted and the soil you placed it in. So now I have tend to the soil. There is a Foundation called CARE that I support and its centered around helping poverty strickend communities get better education, food and etc. I support this cause because in America we have so much yet we think if we have no job and no MORE money that we are hard off. But we have countries and towns and cities that have never seen the light of wealth. I mean not only in America should we be our brothers keeper but all over the world! So if you can download a favorite song of your choice and show someone you CARE! God Bless...TGbtg