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7 years

Ok, been 7 years and I think we finally figured out how to do these stories. Sure has been a bumpy ride. Ouchy. Back to the ole duo and things seem to be goin in the right direction. : )

How Preacher got the name Preacher

I was asked last night how I or who came up with the title "Preacher" in which I am so honored to hold. lol. The name surfaced back in 2009 not long after I returned home from working in Houston Texas. After 8 months and a hot and humid June moving into the Houston area I decided to head back home. As in usual fashion I stopped by my favorite watering hole, O'Garas Pub in Beech Grove Indiana. I was sharin stories at the corner of the bar with some fellers and not long after some chit chat, a stranger on down the bar a ways spoke up and said "Amen Preacher". My friends at the corner of the bar sure got a charge out of that one. Hell I thought it was funny too. After several days of visiting that watering hole this fella made his way down to the corner of the bar. He continued to address me as Preacher and I guess I just went along with it. After several visits to the corner of the bar I got to know the fella and after talking to him about his trials and tribulations along with a few beers he seemed like such an upstanding gentleman I picked out a title for him to. Angel. It stuck. That's pretty much how the name Angel and The Preacher came about. After a month or so the fact that Angel could play guitar and Preacher could carry a tune emerged. Neither of us had been in a band or any sort of thing like that. Us playin music is somewhat of a surprise and maybe at best a plain accident. I'm still Preachin and looking back it is sort of a funny happening. Never Imagined I would be doing this but it sure has been fun. Its been close to 4 years now since we started and the progress hasn't been too bad. Three albums out that sell ok and Tshirts and we get paid to play. The band has turned over a few times but the fellas that are in the group now seem to have chemistry. As my Grandma used to say "Onward and Upward and If Not Why Not". Good words to live by.

I guess I'm gunna just keep carrying on then. Thanks to those who have gone out of their way to support Angel and The Preacher and the stories we luv to tell. Signed ~ Preacher

The New A&P RockaTrain

Well its been well over three years. Angel and The Preacher have had plenty of talented fellers stop in and we've rolled over a few speed bumps but The A&P RockaTrain Rolls on. After three and a half years its come down to what we like to call Speed Folk. lol That's what A&P's good friend R. Sullivan called it back in October of 2009 at one of their earliest performances. Preach and Buffalo are the only ones left from the original group. The latest additions have deffinately brought the stories closer to climax. Preach is still story tellin, putting together some new stories, and now has picked up Rhythm Guitar. Buffalo has the Lead Harp flyin in the right direction. Our latest beat keeper Phoenix Mike "Man on The Box" has his hands in the right place. The latest addition to the group will be Dave Vogt on Lead Guitar back up VOX and who knows what else. This was somewhat of a surprise being that Preach is a big fan of this feller. As Preacher says he can really get down. Next stop for the RockaTrain will be with their hard core homeys in Beech Grove. Guaranteed to bring the Police. Stay Tuned.

CD #1 Confession Collection

Coming Soon. "Confession Collection" and "Angel and The Preacher ~ Live Bootleg" are here. It is Here and you can have a piece of our Twisted Kunchry" by seein us at a show or you can send a money order for $12.00. Send us an email for more information at angelandthepreacher@gmail.com. You will receive The "Confession Collection" in approximately ten days. For an autographed CD simply add eleven cents to your money order. Our Stories will soon be available on Itunes and CD Baby - Thank You