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30 Things to Start Doing to be More Awesome...

#1: Spend more time with Awesome people (if you wanna hang out, just ask).

#2: Crush your problems with pure awesomeness. Problems ain't be standin' a chance.

#3: Remind yourself of how awesome you are each time you look in the mirror.

#4: Remind others of your awesomeness, especially those that show doubt.

#5: Be yourself... Because... You're awesome!

#6: Hold onto all things awesome. If it makes you feel more awesome, then don't let it go.

#7: Start thinking of "mistakes" and as "awesome lessons".

#8: Take full advantage of every "awesome lesson" you've learned to become more awesome.

#9: Use your own brand of awesome to make more money. You can't buy awesome.

#10: Share your awesomeness with others; it will in turn make them more awesome (which takes us back to #1... It's an awesome cycle).

#11: Don't just sit there, do something awesome.

#12: Prepare to be awesome. Sometimes it's hard work, but awesomely worth it.

#13: Get involved in awesome relationships. If you feel a relationship is not awesome, make it awesome or find another one.

#14: Embrace new awesome relationships and allow the non-awesome ones to fade off into their non-awesomeness...

#15: You set your own bar for awesomeness... Always try to raise it.

#16: Jealousy is not awesome. Awesome people don't need it or require it. Remind the jealous people in your life of this awesome fact.

#17: Celebrate your awesomeness and the awesomeness of your awesome friends and family any chance you get.

#18: Eat pizza... Its f#cking awesome.

#19: Bring others up to your level of awesomeness and always aspire to reach a higher level yourself.

#20: Explain your awesomeness in one phrase "It's called being awesome, look into it."

#21: If it's awesome, keep doing it.

#22: Take time to relax and reflect on each awesome moment.

#23: Awesome is not perfection. Just strive for awesome.

#24: Follow your own awesome path...

#25: "Acting awesome" is not awesome. You have to be yourself if you want to be truly awesome.

#26: Take responsibility for your own awesomeness and each and every "awesome lesson" you make.

#27: Be awesome to everyone. Even those that aren't awesome to you. They'll come around, unless they're just flat-out not-awesome.

#28: Only worry if you want to take a break from being awesome... Why would you?

#29: Focus on the awesome things you want to achieve by being awesome... It will further fuel your own awesomeness.

#30: Be grateful to everything person that makes you as awesome as you are. Awesomeness can't happen all by itself.