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Back from Germany with a new outlook and slightly less healthy approach to life, we've decided to get writing again with more focus. Some gigs on the horizon all irish based for now. We must enter the dwelling and empty our minds of this music!

More new to come.

Keep it Metal


German Tour approaches

Apologies for th late update

Our latest news is a tour of Germany in support of Illdisposed and playing alongside Soulline. This is our first European outing and we're absurdly excited!

In lieu of this tour we've printed up shirts available from our Big Cartel Store linked below.

Hope to see you on the road!


Keep it Metal!

Studio time is OVER!

The final steps have been completed in the forging of our very first full length album "Powered by Death". It's now up to us to package it in fancy colours and spiffy graphics. Speaking of which, our artwork is being designed by Medaline Flemming . L.A. Based artist/model who has gone all out with this artwork design. Very excited about the results. The tracklist will be as follows:

1.Inescapable catastrophe 2.Spiralling Doom 3.Steel meets Steel 4.Death and Glory 5.Instinction 6.Powered by Death 7.The Sound of Speed 8.The gravedigger 9.Demon killers

Of the songs shown above, there are 3 live videos on youtube (linked beside) to give you an idea of how they will sound. Below is the first of 2 parts of our album preview featuring live shots from various gigs over the years. With regard to the release date it should be in late October/early November all things going well. We plan to have shirts and possibly some other promotinal items done up for it too. Designs will be posted and asked for opinions and such in Facebook and This website. We will be playing various gigs in Ireland for this year and hopefully overseas (UK,maybe Europe during the summer) to promote and further instill the McGalligog sound in the ears of the willing. http://youtu.be/f6iNFbMuiRY

Keep it Metal!

Ollie, McGalligog

Recording the frst Album

Hello to all!

We'd just like to say a big thanks to all promoters, fans and supporters over the last couple of weeks. A sea of emptiness lay ahead until we were drafted onto the Siege of Limerick, put back in the Wacken Metal Battle, and Vile promotions put us on one of the best gigs we've ever been a part of. Big thanks.

We will be entering the Studio on the 27th of May to record our first album Powered by Death. It will feature 8 tracks and we are hoping for an October release date at the latest. More Updates will follow this during recording.

Keep it metal!

Ollie, McGalligog

Beaten by the best

Since last time we have played the Wacken Metal Battle and sadly did not get through. There were some of the tightest acts playing that night, holy shit. The Wizard gig went brilliantly, fantastic response with much headbanging and fist pumping. Excellent night.

We've since swapped our Desecration support slot for Thurisaz courtesy of Jim Tobin form Sirocco. We also have been offered the dublin support for this gig from Demented Promotions. We share the stage with Wound upon Wound for both dates. Cant wait!

The EP has since become an album, as we decided we have enough tracks that fit well together. There will be 8 in total. Videos are being uploaded to our Facebook page, there are 3 up so far. keep an eye for more updates. The name of the upcoming EP will be "Powered by Death". we feel this represents the music we write well and fits with the songs well.

Recording is still scheduled for the end of May/ Start of June. Release date is still to be decided.

More updates to come! Keep it Metal! Ollie

December..AND BEYOND!

A good year of many gigs has been had by us. We'd like to thank all bands involved in helping us get gigs, playing alongside us at our gigs, and who showed an general interest in us. We'd also like to thank all those who came to see us ove the year. You all made it happen thanks to your support.

We're currently taking a break until the new year, when we will hear about the results of the Wacken Metal Battle 2010 1st round. Hopefully we make it in, you never know.

We hope to have a brand new set for any gigs we get next year. nothing planned yet but we hope to get over to england for a week of shows at some point.

Finally we plan to record a new 8 track album in May/June next year. We're hoping to release this on a distribution label so it can spread far and wide.

that's all for now

keep it metal


The New EP has spread far and wide

Hello again

We'd like to thank everyone in ireland and overseas who have helped promote our EP. Much appreciated.

With two reviews and a third coming in september, we're getting a nice response and some good critique.

The free download link has spread all over the internet, all you need to do now is search for "mcgalligog" in google and you'll have multiple links to choose from.

Current reviews can be found here.



We Also have an interview up on Brutalism.com if you fancy a read.


More updates to come.

Next gig on the 24th of September in Dublin.

Keep it metal

Ollie, Mcgalligog

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