More Fans, Mor Support

Hello to My Fantaaaastics Fans and Friends... I would like to say THANK YOU to all of you around the world for your constant support to my music career. The path is full of obstacles, and the road is still way long. I invite you to visit my differents webpages to: - resgister as fans - donate any penny accordin to your will - comment on my music and suggest new ideas - to register and follow me around the world - to help me promote my music. Please visit CAMELLE different pages: www.reverbnation.com/camelle www.feedthemuse.net/camelle www.youtube.com/camellestar http://apps.facebook.com/reverbnation_fb/artist/camelle www.myspace.com/camellestar www.twitter.com/camellestar Hope you will visit these pages soon. Thank you again for your support Camelle

African New Artist

Has been difficult for me as young candid African new artist to find my way up in the music industry here in the US. I have been working since age 6 with the help of my Dad. At Age 14 today, I have written more than 30 songs. My Dad has been a huge help for me. He is my Manager and Producer. Summer 2009, my Dad produced my Demo Cd with five tracks, all written by me, and a Demo DVDs with three videos. Since then, we mailed a kit-package containing one Cd, one DVDs, one poster, one resume, and few pictures. The kit was sent to different TV shows, artists, records labels. We got back zero responses. Not easy when you know you can do this and there is no shoulder to lean on, no wooden bridge to get you a pass for the other side. Regardless of all the obstacles, summer 2010, I started working with my Dad to produce my professional EP Album. Between the recordings sessions, I have been working so hard to write new songs, travel to DC, NY, and Philadelphia for different shows. My Dad has been all the way with me on every single step. Coming back to what stroke my mind, I keep wondering why it is so difficult for an African new Artist to break through in the music industry here in the US. On other words, what is the possible road to lead to the breakthrough door of the music industry? For those reading my blog, your contribution is well appreciated on ideas to help a new young African Artist to breakthrough the music industry in the US. I’m Camelle, 14 years old, from Cameroon, Central Africa. I’m a Singer and Songwriter. My musical genre is Urban/Pop.