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4,5/5 stars music reviewin Muzik Reviews!

So I got 4,5/5 stars review in Muzik Reviews! Sometimes you work hard, risk a lot, are loyal to your dream in spite of difficulties, get through challenges... and then there's a reward... and it tastes so good...:)))

New songs arrangements

We're working on new songs arrangements. I suppose many of my fans will be a bit surprised, especially those who classified BTTO songs as a smooth music. Don't forget about my rock roots :D

Semi-Finalist of International Songwriting Competition

Yes, finally I did it! Reached the semi-final of ISC 2012. It's my fourth sucess in various songwriting competitions and the best is that each time I did it with a different song... does it mean I was born to write hits only? :D

submit or die?

We, DIY musicians, are so easy attracted by all these opportunities that seem to be our chance, a ticket to paradise. And 20 or 35 bucks don't seem to be too expensive for it. Multiplied by X monthly equals to ... how much? 100, 150, 200? And when do we stop? Do we believe they really listen to thousands of submissions? I just don't think so... what do you?

collaboration with punk rock band

One of the most popular Polish punk rock bands, Pabieda, invited me to sing on their new album, in a song "Piwnica". I've never thought that after many years of leading rock group bands and then concentrating on my smooth rock project, I will have opportunity to "come back" to my roots. "Piwnica" turned out to be a kind of rebel song in Poland. It was Pabieda's intention to express support for civil partnership legal solutions, which are now widely discussed on a Polish political scene. You can watch the song on YT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOn0PBLgRTw

New clip

Our new clip got over 2.200 views in one week since its premiere on YT - nice score:)))

our first video

So Tuesday we start working on our new video. It is the first exciting thing and the second is no one in a band knows the screenplay :D We'll just come and play and follow the director's commands and surely have a lot of fun. And we are so eager to see the final result, to put a video on our sites and submit to various competitions, and of course to MTV, VIVA etc.

still #1 on Radio Lodz chart

So we are still no. 1 with our new single "Burnin'4U' on Lodz Radio Charts. Amazing!:) We put so much effort to engage our fans in voting to enter the charts, but now it is just a snow ball effect. We do almost nothing and people keep on voting.

so we are happy to be selected for Nordland Art Festival :)

so we are happy to be selected for Nordland Art Festival:). Our submission has been accepted...

"Yes, You Are The Sun" in Radio Lodz and Radio Dla Ciebie

"Yes, You Are The Sun" is already played in Radio Dla Ciebie. The premiere broadcast took place on 19.04. Both "Yes,..." and "Snow And Rain" are regularly broadcast on Radio Lodz.