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C.R Kinsey born in North Philly and raised in South Jersey..was introduced to Hip-Hop at a young age through his older sister..a former B Girl.At age 15 became friends with a boy he met at a battle..Edgar Brown (R.I.P) and formed THE WIZ KIDZ..A legendary dance crew from Jersey that ripped clubs,schools,birthdays,Twp.Days,and most of all any crew to step forward.By age 17 most of them was dancing for singers or rappers and Kinsey began DJing at clubs in the Tri-State..when he was introduced to the next level of Hip Hop..the booth.He began rappin @18 and was a signed artist by 20.Out of his first deal a former manager was shopping him to get signed again.He submitted Kinseys' demo to a label and when they found out he did all the production, signed him as a producer.In 2002 he received his first major production credit on a Reggaeton compilation released on Universal Records and in 2004 received his ASCAP Membership.Now the cuffs are off as this South Jersey talent tries to do his own thing with his own indie label..TNP..(Take No Prizonerz)