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Versailles Records' forthcoming 'Rock & Roll Train: A Millennium Tribute to AC/DC' will feature former AC/DC drummer Chris Slade alongside Lizzy Borden guitarist Ira Black on the Bon Scott-era classic 'Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock & Roll)'. Black co-produced the track along with album producers Richard Kendrick and Jake Brown, who commented of Slade's inclusion that "its one of the true highlights for Rik and I, in over 10 years of producing these albums, to be working with a member of the greatest hard rock band of all time on this record- coupled with the fact this will be our first tribute LP ever issued in VINYL." Alongside Slade, the tribute also includes current/former members of Guns N Roses, Megadeth, Yngwie Malmsteen, Fuel, Alice Cooper Band, Lizzy Borden, The Firm, Lillian Axe, Freakshow, the Circle Jerks, Mountain, Brides of Destruction, Rainbow, Love/Hate, Manfred Mann, Hanoi Rocks, Brother Kane, Uriah Heep, Asia, Dangerous Toys, Warrant, and L.A. Guns, as well as original artists the Skyscreamers (which features vocalist Rose Reiter), Marko Pukkula, Katet, Markus Allen Christopher, A.J. Caruso, the Jason Jakes Band, Katet, Gregg Analla, Loaded Dice, Attica, Martian Honey, and (Robot Lords of Tokyo)?. The album will also be released with a bonus sampler featuring up/coming Millennium rock and metal bands influenced by AC/DC. The album is scheduled to hit stores in the later fall. http://melodicrock.com/news2010.html