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Love & Gratitude

As I'm moving along to the next chapter of my life, I hope y'all enjoy my new focus on the country sounds that flow through me as I move back to the city of Peaceburgh and onto the country city of Nashville! Much Love & Gratitude to y'all for Liking and Sharing my music and for becoming a Fan to keep the fires of inspiration burning.

My first blog... Ever!

Hola! Aloha! Hey there! Hi there!

I think this is my very first blog. I'm inspired to begin because Reverb Nation says I will be more complete if I do so :)

I am super excited about being able to share my life, my songs, & in general, mine & my family's creations & sharings of many kinds with the world without packing up the kids & touring around. We are realizing that we can create video & audio recordings to inspire health, wealth, love, peace & joy in all ways. So, keep checking here & my Facebook page for songs, photos, videos & occasional blogs.

For now, please enjoy the new song I wrote with my husband, Still Amazed.

Thank you Love you Bless you Praise you!