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GENE WILLIAMS "Heroes!" For Immediate Release September 8, 2010 KEYBOARDIST GENE WILLIAMS RELEASES 'HEROES!' (Jamaica, Queens-NY) 'Heroes!' Is a 12 track collection from New York Keyboardist, Gene Williams. An envelope pushing, self produced assortment of electric instrumental sound ranging from Jazz, to Funk, to Rock, and Smooth Grooves, all composed and performed by Williams. After years of performing as a sideman & Musical Director for various artists, including, R&B crooners, Freddie Jackson, Joe, Roberta Flack, and Gloria Gaynor, just to name a few... Gene Williams returns to his own personal brand of musical expression almost 14 years after his debut release, 'Welcome 2 My World'. 'Heroes!' is a tribute to Williams' wide range of influences, harking back to some of the edgier Jazz/Rock of Return To Forever, Weather Report, David Sancious, George Duke & Jan Hammer. The music on 'Heroes!' however, is ALL Gene Williams, and his approach is far from dated. He successfully achieves a fusion of classic sounds in a fresh way. Listen to 'Heroes!' @ http://genewilliams.bandcamp.com/


Even before the 'official' release of my 'Heroes!' project I've received an outpouring of support & encouragement that has been, to say the least... Overwelming! When you take on a project yourself, you're never really sure if you're going in the right direction... I didn't do this with a team of producers, managers & engineers to bounce ideas off of. So eventually, when I felt it was ready, I sought out suggestions & opinions from a few objective ears. I received feedback from people ranging from students, to Grammy award winning pros. Musicians, & Sound pros like Jeff Jones, Onaje Allen Gumbs, Lenny White, Julio Herrera, Rich Harrison, Wayne Cobham, Scott Brown all artists whose work i seriously respect and admire, all let me know... It's time for this music to be heard. 'Heroes!' Is not only a tribute to my influences. It's a snapshot of everything I've done up to this point in my lifetime. I've learned so much from every musician I've played with & listened to, every country I've visited, every visual artist whose work i've viewed, and every student i've taught... And it all comes out with this collection of music... The first I've written in about 13 years! My musical career has been predominantly as a musician supporting other artists. Roberta Flack, Freddie Jackson, Joe, Chaka Khan, Gloria Gaynor... All popular names in the R&B/Soul genre, and all I'm proud to have been associated with over the years... But this ain't about that, this time! This project is a gift to myself... something every creative person should do at some point in their lifetime. This is why the official release date of 'Heroes!' is 9/8/10! My birthday... a significant one at that! So I hope you come along for the ride as I indulge myself with the music I want to do! It's not about having a 'Hit', 'Blowing Up', or even air play (although if that happens... I'm cool with that too...) This is just what I do... If you didn't know what Gene Williams was about before,...you're about to now! Gwiz