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Hipster ?

Does Hipster music mean " Music that has no life , edge or rock&roll in it's content"?

Scott Ballantyne
Scott Ballantyne  (about 4 years ago)

Essentially. Alternative music that can easily be remixed into a club track. Usually performed by guys with beards and vests.

Long Awaited...

Well our full-length album is finally out. Here are some purchase links you can go to if you want to get our record. We want to say thanks to all our fans and friends who have supported us over the years past and hopefully more to come. http://www.tunecore.com/music/jarcanadahttp://cdbaby.com/cd/jar3

JAR. album drops on April 26

JAR. went through 3 long yrs of recording, re-recording, shopping then re-shopping songs that have been around for awhile but have not had the chance to be heard by all who should. So FU*K-IT we are putting this baby out on our own including a album release show on April 26th. We are very proud of this album and if nothing else are glad we got this music back. Those who know us well know what we mean, those who don't ..well maybe on april 26 you will find out. In the meantime here is a audio/video Sampler :http://youtu.be/cTQP6gocMKg

On Our Own! ( Releasing albums independently )

This blog could be a fur*in' Novel but the bottom line is this...How many other bands, artists out there feel that putting a complete album out there is useless. As in because of the digital music age people are prone to just but singles. So instead of releasing a finished album in it's entirety you just release one single at a time... Any thoughts?

HELLCHAMBER  (about 5 years ago)

I think releasing 4 song E.P.s are the way to go .... When people love a band they want to hear more than one song ....more kill!! less fill!! then after putting out 2 or 3 E.P.s then release it as an album..... just my thoughts


Good for vancouver Local artists

JAR. played last thu. night Aug 16 with IT'S CRIMINAL, Quartered and The Mighty One @ VENUE in vancouver BC . All bands are based in vancouver circulate the vancouver scene. As of the last few years it has been getting more difficult to get a buzz going in the Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal community but the other night proved that local acts could put people in a big club and put on a Killer show, We will be honest in saying it was not " sold-out" but there were more than a few Mosh Pits going and head banging while looking out from the stage. Thanx to all who came out and supported local music and keep supporting indie/underground music all over the globe.

Local Feel!

A couple of nights ago JAR. played The Cellar in vancouver b.c ( our hometown) In recent years there has been talk that our local scene was ..well.." sucking shit!" . Needless to say our gig the other night was Jammed packed with friends and fans who rocked-out and sang along like never before ( ok ..so it had been awhile) I guess this blog is more for " Vancouverites" but as bands and fans WE could get the local scene going again. Any thoughts? P.s Todd Hancock is hosting indie night on c-fox tuesday nights @ midnight.

2012 ......what is the fate of Rock music?

MIxed reviews, remarks and speculation on the rock/metal world and whether it will thrive in 2012 or continue to fall behind the massive selling pop artists that continue to torture us. We would like to think that people are ready to embrace something that has a little more substance and integrity. DAVE GROHL ( info was taken from " rock " update off c-fox radio) of the foo fighters recently said he believes we are in a music era much like when Nirvana and or the grunge scene took over the world. The saturation of " mindless" music and beats has come to a head and more than a few bands will come foreward with a " fresh" rock movement or sound. What do you think?

Allure of the L.A music scene

So the JAR. guys just got back for a week-end in L.A doing some networking. We got a chance to go out on the famous sunset strip and check out some bands at " The Whiskey" Although the " rock and roll" vibe is still there it has somewhat diminished due to...well the changing music industry. Do bands out there still dream of playing in hollywood or is it less important than it used to be. We felt the scene was less " electric" than let's say ten years ago. It was a little sad to tell you the truth but personally we still feel the Hollywood scene is a big part of rock and roll music.


This is just a test to see if anyone actually pays attention. I have to question all the shit we as musicians and bands have to go through these days to try and be a little successful.......So is doing a blog going to help sell my music/ put people in the venues and help me quit my day job?