Playing a couple tunes at a local pub tnght

Great interview by two of my heroes

Great interview of Paul Stanely by Nikki Sixx!!

So much for bands to learn here! The cliff notes.



Just chillin in bed with the ol laptop, getting ready to catch a flight back east for a visit. had band practice last evening and it went really well, considering it's th efirst time we all got together. we were able to flesh out three of the songs...still a bit bumpy but nothing a few more practices can't iron out. Anyways, should have something up soon in the way of practice video ect...


Hey Everyone, Check out the studio page and my interview on the arts in canadian Child magazine. Click the PDF link, page 15 or click on the arts issue on the main page. http://www.canadianchildmagazine.ca/Jan09CCMag.pdf http://www.canadianchildmagazine.ca/currentIssue.html Jason Sauve

Second album!!

Having a blast working on the second album. Got the title ready, but will leave that for a bit. Songs are coming along...a bit slowly as life can get pretty crazy, but slow and steady wins the race. Hoping to have it done by mid to late summer. Some of the tracks are new, and some are re works of some older ideas that I wanted to put on the first album but just didn't have enough room. Songs like "Wayward Girl" "Humble Pie" "Trash Queen" the new ballad which is available for listening "I'll Remember You". Also working on some material for film and TV, so that's always interesting. Putting up the drywall in the stoods this weekend and hoping to get it all done in the next few weeks. It's wired for sound and ready to provide power to the gear for days on end!! So, lots of cool stuff on the horizon. Check back often for new samples and soon a new video!! Follow all the latest about the studio, new songs, cool new bands, www.twitter.com/jasonsauve


Hey all....just a short update for ya...short and sweet!! I've been writing and working on some new songs which have been shaping up nicely....January saw me write and demo four songs...pretty cool...they're getting closer..I will say that the writing will be more polished and production skills have grown alot in the last few months..but definetly still retain my distinct raw sound with the stylized lyrics and hooky guitar parts. Been writing since over x mas as people had somedown time and gigging wasn't really possible..but getting everyone together this week to start rehearsals again, so lookng forward to some sets in the coming weeks. Been having a blast with learning new production techniques and have been enjoying learning some new software..I've been slowlymaking the jump Sonar producer edition and it's a great app for creating. Getting into the guitar rig a bit more and must say i'm pretty impressed. So far a guitar has yet to touch an amp on what I've been doing...but we're always fighting that technology ease of use thing..but nowadays with time being of the essence, there's not time to chase a guitar tone for days or weeks...so these new appz have been great for dialing in a tone fast to get your ideas down. My next approach is goingto be tryign to give the listener a better listening exp in terms of production..some might call it a sell out sound..whatever...I've heard alot about that over the last while...music and sell out music..and I say..who cares? The only people whinning about it are those who can't do it..The whole concept is so strange to me anyways..you like coors light, I like dark beer..he doesn't like dark beer...he likes a lager...everyone appeals to different things..alot of people hate nickelback but they're selling upwards of 27 million albums...so riddle me that? They must be doing something right. Anyways check back for updates and a little sneak peek and new songs from time to time!! Rock On! J.S

getting it all together....

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!! Not too much to update but I figure I'd keep everyone in the loop. I admit I've been doggin it a bit lately..focusing on getting the place ready and clearing out old junk. Been enjoying spending a bit more time with the family and doing alot more photography on the side. I find it can be just as fun and as satisfying creatively as music or artwork. Speaking of artwork I'm planning on getting a comic book together soon.......…….i am toying with some ideas but for now I am allowing them to brew in my mind and not announce anything. .... Some new music ideas are also slowly taking shape...now that I have the first record off and running it will soon be time to start thinking about a follow up once I take a short break and look after a few things on the home front. I know one thing for sure, the music will be alot more polished and focused than the first record. I think I've grown as a writer and some elements will be alot more sophisticated but also keeping some things familiar yet different. Also some parts will remain very straightforward and direct at making the point. But that's for down the road a bit. I will also be starting my own podcast sometime over the next few months. Which will run for about half an hour to start with..still thinking of a name for the show. But if you want your music played, contact me and I'll get it played on one of the shows. That's about all for now. Thanks again for all your support. See ya soon... Jason

New Track

Just re mixed the final track for "Somewhere Between". The 11th and final track is entitled "I Need You By My Side." A song about the power of lust and the power and pull it can have over us. Then you wake up next to a monster lol!. This track will not be featured on myspace..only available on Reverbnation as streaming and download. Enjoy!!!

upcoming release

PRESS RELEASE FOR NEWS EDITORS - MUSIC MAGAZINES R E A D Y F O R D I S T R I B U T I O N FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Calgary, AB December 4 th 2009 CONTACT: jasons_comet@yahoo.com Calgary rocker, Jason Sauve; is releasing his debut CD Somewhere Between through Lethal records (CANADA) on Jan 1st 2010. Jason Sauve, produced the album himself in his home studio and employed the use of some of his former bandmates ie: Wolvengard The Beckoning darkness, Switchgear on some of the tracks. Somewhere Between will be available on Reverbnation and downloadable through iTunes and several of the peer to peer monthly pay services. In addition, the download feature on Reverbnation will feature two free downloadable tracks until March 31st 2010. Jason Sauve co producer and bassist in the prog rock powerhouse Wolvengard haswon fans and wowed listeners with a string of strong performances and a bombastic approach to recording which also brought the group stellar reviews with the arts and entertainment community in Calgary. "I'm delighted and really excited for this album to finally come to fruition," says Jason Sauve. "The pumping groove of My Addiction, and the guitar driven lead playing of Everyones Out Tonight, coupled with the power ballad One More Kiss, will offer something special to most tastes. Starting rehearsals for live appearances will begin with a set at a cozy pub atmosphere at Swigs in Southwest Calgary. Dates to be announced. For more information email jasons_comet@yahoo.com and visit www.myspace.com/jasonsauve


A fewe more tweaks on the album and it's good to go..just polishing up some BV's and backing vox.