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What the f........?

its not about charts plays or friend counts, its not about contracts or competition ....its about that rare moment, when you click the play button and some unsigned, unpolished, unadulterated artist blows all your expectations and pre-conceived notions right outta the water. Its about MUSIC...raw, un'sung' heroes living the dream of being a rockstar....if only in their own private neck of the woods. Until next time, Can i have your autograph? r.marcel 2/10


I am not sure what to blog at this time. I have not blogged before. I guess it is just a letter to say how you feel, only I don't really know how I feel. Do I think I will keep making music? Yes do I like my own music? sometimes...lol. Writing and getting a song done always has its own sense of accomplishment, but I feel that I have just started getting my point out. I keep going back over my songs and changing them to become more of what I have lurking in my head. there are really good, deep songs in there. Do I let them out yet? its a process....its cathartic. I know I need to excercise the demons that have haunted me from childhood....everyone needs their own personal "jagged little pill" moment....I guess mine is in the works : )