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Detroit and Child Safety

Hello all. JE here.

FIRST- We are getting new merch!! T-Shirts for girls and boys and hoodies. This time around we are giving the shirts a different feel. This batch will have verbiage relating to the original songs; like "She Can Be," "Run Child Run" or a picture of Man-Eating Mushrooms. We should have lots of shirts, but hoodies are expensive, and we will not stock many of them. At shows they will sell for $35, BUT......If you'd like to purchase one before we make it, you'll only be charged $30 and we'll ship it anywhere in the continental US.

For information, color, logos and sized you can either respond to this email or write to


SECOND Open Mic Nights in Grand Rapids Wednesdays @ Teazers Jason is BACK! Thursdays @ Ritz Koney

THIRD Heading to the area where "Just a smalltown boy" was "born and raised". I assume when Steve Perry wrote "South Detroit", he was talking about Allen Park, MI. I'll be @ B. Boomers with Jimmy Auquier. Bring your guitar. Bring your voice.

FOURTH I"ll be hauling it back from Detroit to meet John Walsh on Saturday morning for a great event, WHETHER YOU WANT A CAR OR NOT. If you have children, this free kit could offer you a little piece of mind. Your children are not put "in the system". Parents are given all materials; heaven forbid you should ever have to use them.

As always, thanks for your continued support, Cheers!