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The Audience

The Audience The audience is tense comprised of players Waiting for their turn on the splendid stage Decked out in glittering gold with slivers of silver Green rimmed rusty colored jewels Thread bare spirits smiling past Beyond their faces masked behind make up paint The theatre grows restless lights dim then the play begins to play

AE. January 27 2015

Published by RCLAS ezine 2015

Bio writing of Angel

Angel Edwards,a member of SOCAN, BMI and VMA owns a small music publishing company."The Angel Edwards  Music Publishing". A dozen of her songs are published by Saddlestone Publishing.She  currently performs as a solo acoustic electric singer songwriter guitarist. Five   of her poems are included in two international poetry anthologies "Mind Paintings": "The Magicians", "Nightmare Rules" and "Between Earth and Sky" :  "Cold","The Ghost of Maxine","Eau De Dragon",from Silver Bow Publishing.( New Westminster BC) Her poem "Morning Flight" was published in The Long Islander Newspaper in "Walt's Corner" April 23 2015.(Long Island New York) Her poetry was published in several issues of RCLAS  online magazine  ( New Westminster BC): "Kaleidoscope" "The Poets" "Love Afterlife","The Audience" and Oct 2015 edition her poems "Time","To the Lady of Shallot" and "A Vampire A Witch A Werewolf and A Ghost" were published in RCLAS Ezine .This Ezine also published Angel's poem "Memory" in their November 2015 online edition and in January 2016 published her poem , "Indigo Clouds" Six of her poems are included in RCPoets 4 (New Westminster BC) "Creepy Room", "Starlight Horses", "Moon Faces","Chimeras","Ms. Moon""Seabirds" Five poems :"A Vampire,Witch,A Werewolf And A Ghost", "Equilibrium", "Davie St Beggerman" and "Eating Strawberries Soaked In Red Wine "and and the short story "Mira and Elroy" were published June 2015 by The Screech Owl Magazine(Essex UK) "The Tale of Mira and Elroy "was published by vancouverweekly in Feb 2013 (Vancouver online magazine Vancouver BC) Her poem" The Amethyst "was published June 15 by doveslines love poems (Nigeria) Her haiku "Guitar By The Bed" is published in The Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine Issue 7 ( London UK) Four of Angel's haikus "Cardinal In Snow", "Can I Wish My Love","Haiku #6", "April haiku "and one poem "Angora Moon" were published by Section 8 Magazine (Seattle Washington USA) July 2015 Her poem "Hot" was published in the August 2015 edition of Black Mirror Magazine (Vermont ) Their Gothic Issue Oct 2015 included two of Angel's poems, "The Amethyst" and her haiku "Ember" The Poet Community in Reno Nevada published Angel's poem "Out of Sight"in July 2015 and two haikus "Fairy haiku" and "Escape Avenue" haiku in August 2015 Angel's poem"200 Flowers" was published in August 2015 in "Poems and Poetry" Calliope Poetry Magazine (Nashville Tennessee) published four of Angel's poems in their September issue: " Tag the Wolf","Visiting Virtuoso", "Love Song", "Lilac Lavender haiku" Their First Anniversary Issue included Angel's poem "September Seems" Her poem "Equilibrium" was published by The Fat Damsel Magazine Take Ten Issue 7 (London Uk)September 2015 Three poems "Pensive Mood","Tree Arms",December Morning" were published by Indianavoice journal Feb 2016. Page and Spine a literary magazine from Charlot North Carolina published "The Cat Queen" and "Longing" on February 19 2016. Angel's short story "At the Edge of Paradise" was published May 2 2016 by The Galway Review"

http://www.reverbnation.com/AngelEdwards https://itunes.apple.com/ca/artist/angel-edwards/id282564414

Angel is preparing her first book of poetry and short stories and has one completed fantasy novella  She is seeking a publisher for her works