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Great site for musicians

For my musician friends out there, just wanted to share that for years, MusicXray has been an excellent source for exposure and licensing opportunities for me. Here's the link: http://dld.bz/cqnCg

Proud of this review!

Devon Jackson is a freelance music journalist who writes for publications such as Rolling Stone and Entertainment Weekly. He just completed a review of my piece "Unafraid" from the Fort Lonesome album which I released last year. Thought I'd share it:

“Sophisticated piano composition that’s poignant and refrains from the obvious”

What starts off as something melancholy soon turns into something more interesting and varied. This is not the usual piano piece—there’s nothing familiar about it. Even at those moments when you think it’s going to go down that well-worn path (from the darkness to the light, from a place of searching to a destination with which we’re comfortable, or even to add a touch of coloratura or cutesiness in order to provide us some sense of relief), Mongelli, who composed this song, holds off. Instead, the song becomes increasingly muscular. The power builds as he continues to avoid the clichéd moment or the romanticized touch. And so the song moves from a muscularity to something more self-confident, bolder, more self-assured and daring. But not daring in a show-offy way. Mongelli’s self-assuredness comes from a sense of honesty and trueness to himself and his purpose—and his skills. He’s forthright and unafraid here, and expressing himself and his musicality in a way that almost doesn’t care who’s listening or what other people may hope to get out of this song—or out of a piano piece. Mongelli’s work here flows extremely well. It has great movement and it never doubts its direction. Mongelli knows where he’s going. And the song ends well, too. It returns to its opening statement but not outrightly, subtly. The music began at point A and ended not back at point A but somewhere that’s almost a shadow of how and where it opened. Almost as if there were something learned here. And not learned via some corny journey, but through some emotional process. Very impressive.

Listen here: http://www.musicxray.com/xrays/429103

Raylene Waye
Raylene Waye  (about 5 years ago)

Great job on your impressive review Kevin! Keep up the good work!

My popular Christmas Variations album

Available everywhere online including iTunes and Amazon. Find direct links at www.PianoEloquence.com. Deeply appreciate your support!

SONY Music

A producer from SONY music just listened critiqued "Darker Days", the opening piece from my new album.

Here's an excerpt:

"I can feel the heavy classical influence but so well intertwined within pop structure. The title leaves one with a sense that we are in for a deep emotional ride and Kevin Mongelli does not fail to deliver in that regard. "

Crank it up!

Have been so pleased to hear from fans that while listening to music from my new Fort Lonesome album, they crank up the volume! This is music that tells a story and asks to be listened to, which is quite dissimilar to much piano music that is simply meant to be played in the background. As always, thanks for listening....and crank it up! Listen in at www.PianoEloquence.com

The ultimate goal in my compositions...

...is to reach all listeners; to connect them with a central understanding. Not only to be heard by those enjoy piano music. - KM

Positive words from CBS Studios

An Associate Director of Television Music at CBS Studios just took the time to listen to my music and offered great advice on how to advance my music into media. He had very positive things to say! I am very appreciate that he took the time the listen and respond.

It's coming...

My FORT LONESOME album with ten new original compositions will be released soon. Stay tuned!

Grammy voting

I just submitted my final votes for the 54th Annual Grammy Awards. It is an honor to be a part of a process which significantly shapes the future of music.

The Firebird

I listened to Stravinksy's "The Firebird" in it's entirety yesterday. His amazing use of instrumentation aligned with his brilliant compositions create an immensely visual and stirring experience for me. Stravinky's music has had a tremendous influence on me which may be more noticable in my new album "Fort Lonesome" when it is released in January.