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Singers and players of instruments must be there, will be there....

Make a joyful sound unto jah......come in jah presence with singing, knowing that jah is great and it is he that has made us and not we by our own doing....lets be thankful to him and bless his mighty , terrible and feared name. JAh mercies endure for ever.....Raging fyah give jah thanks everytime......Rastafari love. bless.


All things are possible, your thoughts are alive and well, if u bury them you bury yourself, Jah is real and Raging fyah stand firm, trust and obey for there is no other way to be happy in jah jah.

I & I

Jah blessings keep i & I flowing each day, love and harmony. Raging FYah still working still praying and give thanks to di almighty. I & I kno i culture and I roots royal african soldier marching with jah truth.


I choose life, Jah is life....In My fathers house are many mansion, streets of gold i walk forever more.....behold i live for ever more, give jah thanks. Raging fyah.

Give Thanks.

Jah is di almighty and we must give thanks for love and life. Raging Fyah is set to release the Album Judgement day, after much work and tears. We ask our fans to continue supporting the movement and help us spread light in dark areas and love where there is little and bring the message of truths and rights and happiness . Raging FYah

On Judgement Day, I'll be playing music for the rebels.

Album Coming Soon! We Have been working At Jah speed to make it Rite! Give thanks for life and all things around. Love and Honour! Raging Fyah.