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BCB on National Tour!!

Brian Collins Band to go on a NATIONAL tour with Southern Ground's Nic Cowan! The "Hard Headed " Tourkicks off in Virginia Beach, VA Thursday Feb 17th! Check our schedule for dates coming to your town! Stay tuned in. More dates to come...

"Son, I'm 'bout ta get my party on"


iTunes bay-buh!!

Get your copy of "Hello Life" our new EP available on iTunes today! Please make sure to share with your friends and give us your feedback! We appreciate you!


New Songs for Download Soon

Hey guys, we have five tunes that we are releasing on our upcoming EP "Hello Life". Stay tuned for official release dates. In the meantime, tune in to the app or Reverb Nation in the next few days to stream the audio!


BC to Open For David Nail

Hey guys!

Just excited to be opening for David Nail this Friday at the Tin Roof in Columbia SC! I'd love to see some BC fans out there gettin' their party on with us!!

BC in new video series called "Blue Light Sessions!"

Here it is BC fans!

Blue Light Sessions

A new performance series of Brian Collins and friends, filmed and recorded "LIVE" at Blue Light Studio.

Stay tuned! More to come!



BC Band to set sail on the KISS Kruise this October 13th-17th!!! Get your tickets today!! "Son, I'm 'bout ta Rock n Roll All Night Long And Party Every Day!"


On the road to Raleigh...

Here we are making our way to the show tonight in Raleigh. We are joining forces with Matt Stillwell to rock out the City Limit Saloon!

BC at Tavern 99 TONIGHT!

Another fine Labor Day Monday we have here on our hands folks. Who really likes Mondays anyway? Now add thunderstorms, flash floods and tornado warnings to the mix. I mean, could Murphy's Law be in more affect right now?

Well, I say all the more reason to rise up my good BC people and say "To Hell With It!" Lets take back our Monday night and GET OUR PARTY ON with BC at Tavern 99! The doors are open @ 7pm. We'll be sharing the stage with the talented Matt Stillwell and Francisco Vidal.

"Fortune favors the bold" my friends and may the only flash flood we see tonight is from all the shots being poured at the bar!

"Get yer party on!"


BC to be on 94.9 The Bull's Backyard Country!

Hey BC fans! This Saturday night at 9pm tune in to 94.9 The Bull's Backyard Country. They will be playing our new single "Cocktail Cove" live on the radio! To show your support please visit http://www.949thebull.com/pages/byc_voting.html and vote for us to be back on the show next week!

Thank you for all your support and all that you do!


**BC App Now Available!**

Hey guys!

If you are a BC fan and own an Android or iPhone you are in luck! The new BC app is officially available for download. All you have to do is go to your app store, type in "Brian Collins", click install and (Whammy!) Instant access to all the BC you can handle! Tell your friends and spread the word.

"Get yer party on!"