exciting stuff

radio plays, a review in the Boston Globe, the release show tonight on the full moon... all i can say is it feels exhilarating! Can't wait to share this energy w/you all at the show... Let's celebrate tonite!

blog something would ya!

lonely blog. needs content. band members blog. anybody...Blog. I have stuff to say about the world, i swear! just not at this exact moment.. or maybe... hmm... what would andy rooney write?

donating to pakistan

lots of news yesterday and today on how aid is slow to pakistan from the U.S. and elsewhere.. I don't blame people in this country for not knowing how to feel about pakistan, but let's not let the minority radical jerkwads there prevent us from helping the MILLIONS of normal peaceful people who are in dire trouble right now. politics aside. plus regardless of whether you do or don't donate, groups with agendas for power like the taliban etc..will spin it to rally the people there in directions the benefit them. so though it may or may not be appreciated in the local media and on the street donating is also the right way to go politically, if aid groups are visibly helping from the U.S. and others, it will go a long way towards having this nuclear power land on the right path, against taliban and extremists with terrorist inclinations and toward peace... here is one place to donate - UNICEF who is actually visibly on the ground in pakistan right now. http://www.unicefusa.org/work/emergencies/flood-relief/?gclid=CKDclfrjxaMCFVw65QodMVqzZA

blog blog blog

just setting things up. check back soon!