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Recording Week- Wednesday

We had a very productive first day in the studio. We finished writing some of the unfinished parts in the new songs, and are really excited about how they are coming together. Jessie was able to put the bass tracks down, and Alex finished recording drums for one song and is set up to hammer out the other three. I have to re-write some of the lyrics, but that is no problem at all. Finally, there is potentially a change coming to our game plan, but it has not been discussed with everyone yet, so I can't share just yet. It will, however, give us the best possible product and give you all some great tunes.

Tomorrow we are looking to finish the drums and rhythm guitar. It will be a busy day, but a good one. I can't wait to hear Alex's drums in the mix (the first song is going to turn our amazingly- he nailed it) as well. He gives us a little bit different of a sound than Brian did, and it goes very well with these new songs.

Anyway, I am off to bed. We will try to record some videos and post them later this week. Have a great night everybody, and we will chat with you soon!


Recording Week- Monday

The time has finally come! We are getting ready to hit the studio- but not until Wednesday. Why am I writing on Monday, then, you may ask. My answer is two-fold: I am excited and to keep you all in the loop and hopefully we can live the experience together this week.

As you probably know, we released a 4 song EP back in June called "The Fall of an Empire". Even though the band has been around for quite some time, this was essentially our debut release due to the new line-up and complete restructure of our sound. When we released it, we planned on having it as a preview to a full album, and through some hard work in writing, performing, and so much wonderful support from all of you, we are able to record 4 more songs this week! We will then re-release "The Fall of an Empire" sometime in the spring or early summer as an 8 song album.

What will you get with the re-release? Well, some of the songs on the EP will be re-mixed and tweaked (it will be small changes, but you may notice some of them), and you will get 4 new heavy hitting songs. You will get kind of a concept album (notice the progression of the message from song to song as you listen), and hopefully you will be able to relate to and engage with the message throughout the album.

We will be recording at Feverbell Studios once again (same studio as the EP) and it will be our final experience with them as they are moving down to Nashville shortly after our album is recorded. We are sad to have to find a new studio for our next project (because we love Matt at Feverbell so much) but we are also excited for him.

In all, this will be a great experience and an incredible album when all is said and done. We will have a final run-through on the songs we are recording this week tonight, and then we hit it hard come Wednesday. Be sure to keep checking back if you want more updates and videos, also be sure to post any questions on our facebook timeline throughout the week.

God bless you all, and we will talk to you soon!


Many Changes, Same Message

I started the band Edge From Falling a few years ago with my good friend Alex. We tried to make it something new, something fresh, something that nobody has heard before. Some of the ideas worked, whereas others did not. Ultimately, the band did some good things, learned some things the hard way, and after doing countless shows, meeting a ton of awesome people, and bands- we decided to call it quits.

Calling something that you put so much work into and something that had a higher calling than yourself was hard to do. But I moved on- I tried a few other projects and each one left much to be desired. Everything that Edge From Falling stood for, the God who is the center of their message- all of it seemed to be lacking.

That is why we are back- and you can come out and see the new Edge From Falling. After getting approval from the former members, I was able to start something fresh with some new guys- yet carry the title and some of the songs that are held dear to my heart.

Edge From Falling, always has been, and always will be about standing for the truth of Christ- and hopefully showing some people the way to truth. Not for our credit and glory. We hope that you come to see us and you do enjoy our music- but I hope that when you hear the name Edge From Falling, that you will associate it with it's cause and purpose. Regardless of who is in the band (in which there have always been some awesome guys that I have been blessed to play with), I hope that the name sticks and hearing the name gets you thinking about the love of Christ, the truth of Christ, and the passion in the music.

I hope to see you all at a show sometime in the near future, God bless.


Time to Choose

Hey all...all two or so people that may read this, I have had a lot on my heart lately, and really what has been drawing in my focus is this lukewarm post modern culture we live in. It seems that we are so content with having a the title, "christian," and that is good enough. We have a "passive faith," as in we believe in Christ, and that is good enough for us, and we don't do anything about it. Yet, by looking at scripture, when has anyone ever been passive in his or her faith? The book of James addresses the greatness of works, and doing things for the sake of the kingdom of God. James is addressing an "active faith," as in you don't just believe in Christ, but you actually follow, and strive to live for HIM. So I guess my question for the reader is this; Who do you live for? Are you living for yourself, a broken person who couldn't make it on your own? Or do you live for Christ? The great I AM, the one who has been given all authority under heaven? In the book of revelation, people often quote the verse that regards "behold i stand at the door and knock, if anyone hears me and opens the door, i will come in and eat with him (Rev 3:20 paraphrase). This does not speak of salvation, in the context of this passage, Jesus is knocking on the door of the church. Yes it was written for this specific church, but it is the same today. In the church, we have slowly let the enemy in and pushed Christ out....letting psychology and opinion take the spot of authority. So let me leave with the same question....Who do you live for? Matthew Pifer