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Tour Time

Getting everything loaded up and ready to hit the Road. First show is Sunday in New Mexico. We're direct support for Mushroomhead!


Check out our Youtube page, and listen to great music for free! http://www.youtube.com/user/CorvusAZBand

Movin' on Up

We're moving back up the chart, like we should be. I want to be back in the top five by the end of Wednesday!


So Stoked to see all the new fans! Go to our facebook page and take part in our questions of the day, hope to see you there! DH http://www.facebook.com/therealcorvus

Logo Update

Looks like we are working on two different types of logo's. One is a for sure, and the other is still being tweeked. We can't wait to get them out to you guys! Check back for updates.......DH


Brock and myself are going to meet our man Scott today. He is working on our new logo. We have some awesome options to choose from, and some other ideas to throw at him! DH

Corvus News

Hey everyone! Hope you guys are all doing well. Coming off the incredible show the other week, we've felt really bad about not being able to tour for all our loyal fans around the country and the world. We're trying to do the next best thing until we can.....we'll be recording an acoustic album!! I know what you're thinking...how's that help our friends outside of the desert see us live? Well....We'll be filming it and posting it to Youtube! All 5 of us jamming Corvus classics acoustically over at Mind's Eye Digital with Larry Elyea. We will also be making the audio available to download for free. How cool are we? ;-P We know it's not the crazy intense metal show we usually put on, but we're still working on getting that to everyone. Until then, we hope you enjoy this...and are ready for a few other things we have planned. ::cough::Number 5::cough:: For those who haven't already, if you get a chance, check us out on itunes.com or cdbaby.com. Every cd bought or song downloaded helps us achieve our goals. Much love!~Brock*

What's up everyone?

Hey! Corvus has found it's way to ReverbNation and we're really digging it. Just want to let everyone know, that even after writing, recording and releasing 4 albums in 2 1/2 years, we're still working as hard as ever. We have a few projects in the works, one we think will be a huge treat for you, our awesome fans! We thank you for the continued support and loyalty. Once we have more things set up, we'll have a big announcement to make. Until then, much love from Corvus!