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Our album is available on CDBabay!

Good morning, raza! Today is the Day! The Grooveland Chicano Band's album is for sale online at cdbaby.com! As a holiday gift to our fans, please follow the link to download your FREE copy of our latest single, "Solo Un Juguete". Ask for it on your favorite Tejano stations! www.cdbaby.com/miketorresiiithegroovela

Hello Friends!

All of us in The Grooveland Chicano Band would like to thank you for all your continued support! We have started this blog to keep you informed of what's new with the group, funny stories from the road, and the occasional rant about something on our minds. For the most part you will be reading blogs written by me, Mike Torres III, and every so often (or as often as I can get them to) you will read a blog from one of the other members of the band. So please subscribe and share with your friends who are/will be fans of the group. We might even have a special offer or two that we give to our followers, but you won't know unless you subscribe! Thanks again folks. Check back soon for the next one!