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Drumming is not,primarily,a thing one does to live,but the thing one lives to do.It is,or it should be, the full expression of drummer's faculties..i resent being on the outs with my profession,particularly since it is entirely my life,i can finally admit that i love what i do and iam proud to be a drummer.-Dabi Debo Ayanlola Kanyinsola

Yoruba Talking Drum

“Among world musical instruments, it is one of the most varied in its use and application. It is an instrument equally adaptable to war and peace, celebration and lamentation, thought and feeling. It is a custodian of the rhythm of the collective soul.” We cannot hope to recover the vigour and the essence of our forebears if we neglect the basics and the genuineness of the talking drum in our odyssey towards a whole Yoruba identity. The talking drum was a monumental and unique Yoruba contribution to the world of musical heritage. Dabi Debo Ayanlola Kanyinsola