If you have been anticipating the new EP from FLOREZ, you are not alone.

Join FLOREZ as they release the Not Alone EP on July 3rd at The Rutledge 410 4th Ave S., Nashville, TN 37201.

The four song EP offers development in the band's style and production quality and a move in a more electric direction.

The single "Coming To You," is based on a characteristically FLOREZ theme and a personal experience in Alex's life. The moral of the story is that despite mistakes in the past, Alex is "not alone" in his mistakes. By embracing community and the love that abounds in the people that surround us, not only can errors of the past be forgiven and one's spirit restored, but that future mistakes might be summarily avoided by holding strong to the idea that there is always someone just around the corner who has been where you are and would be willing to help.

$12 cover includes the Not Alone EP for this 18 and older show.

www. florezmusic. com


(NASHVILLE, Tenn.) JUNE, 2008 – FLOREZ has been invited to participate in the ALL ABOUT MUSIC TV & FILM workshop.

FLOREZ will perform a showcase at The Rutledge with Mando Saenz, Katie Herzig, Michael Ripoll, Kristin Diable, and Circleslide.

ALL ABOUT MUSIC TV & FILM is a company that prides itself on hosting an annual one-of-a-kind private retreat in Music City U.S.A. that provides rare networking opportunities for undeniable artists -- both signed and unsigned -- and the nation's elite L.A. and NYC-based TV & film music supervisors responsible for implementing music into the scenes of well-known television shows and movies.

ALL ABOUT MUSIC has showcased many Grammy Award-winning acts such as Mindy Smith and Jars of Clay, multiple Dove Award-winners like Nichole Nordeman and Natalie Grant, and platinum-tongued spoken word poet J. Ivy (whose credits include appearing on Kanye West's hit CD "Late Registration" with Jay-Z, a nationwide television and print ad campaign for Verizon Wireless and touring as one part of showstopping duo, J. Torae with 3 time Grammy winner, Tarrey Torae).

"This retreat is a time for artists, writers and industry professionals to connect in a unique way," All About Music TV & Film founder EMMIT MARTIN explains. "The industry needed something different -- something with more quality than quantity that could connect and educate artists and entertainment professionals. We champion great Pop, Rock, Christian, Country and Urban artists and music in an intimate setting found nowhere else. Many artists will get TV or film placements and some will get record deals but all will enjoy the spotlight and the connections they make during their time with us."

ALL ABOUT MUSIC has generated a countless number of success stories. Artists who have participated in past events have had their songs placed in such hit television shows as "ER" and "Felicity," earned appearances on HBO's "Def Poetry Slam," been called on to write theme songs and music (programming for Lifetime Television is just one example) and one entire band (Hawk Nelson) even landed the role of legendary rock band The Who on an episode of the hit NBC show, "American Dreams."


Nashville, Tenn., June 2008—the Nashville-based rock band, FLOREZ, recently signed a management contract with Hothead Group; an entertainment company in Franklin, Tennessee. The band, comprised of guitarist Alex Florez and bassist Erik Huffman, took a brief hiatus in 2006 while Huffman appeared as a contestant on the CBS reality TV show, "Survivor: China". Huffman spent 33 days in the wilderness of Southeast China and finished only three tribal councils short of a million dollars.

Since their debut in 2002, FLOREZ has shared the stage with a variety of artists including Gavin DeGraw, Better Than Ezra, Will Hoge & The Doobie Brothers. Recognized for their smooth harmonies and energetic, heartfelt performances, FLOREZ plans to broaden their fan base as they continue to build their career under the Hothead Group.

"We're thrilled to have formed a good working relationship with a group of people we feel so comfortable with on a personal level.” Florez said. " They're in a great position to take on the work load that will help me and Erik concentrate on making great music."

Steve Cretin, an entrepreneur of several successful businesses, established Hothead Group in January of 2008. Cretin's goal for the company is to meet artists’ needs for organization and management by creating an arrangement that is mutually beneficial for both parties.

"Hothead Group is looking to become a virtual one-stop shop for anything an artist may need in the areas of development, marketing, booking, production, publishing, distribution, and financial guidance." Cretin said. “FLOREZ has been given the freedom to do what they love, write and sing, by handing over the business side of their career to Hothead Group. With this shift of focus, this band has the talent and energy to make an impact on the music scene.”

FLOREZ's latest EP, "Yellow Shoes" is available for purchase through their website and through the iTunes music store. For more information about FLOREZ, visit www.florezmusic.com. For more information about Hothead Group, visit www.hotheadgroup.com.


Hothead Group invests in each of its artists by funding front-end costs associated with various services. In return, the company shares in the proceeds generated from the services they provide. By offering aid in a variety of management-related areas, Hothead provides artists with an innovative alternative to label management, and the opportunity to collaborate with business professionals who are committed to the artists’ success.

Hothead Group is part of Hothead Partners, LLC.

Yellow Shoes EP!!!

I have in my possession a truck-load of boxes filled with little yellow and white items called "digipacks." Inside each digipack is a disc that, when you put it in the right machine, plays music. In this case, the discs from these little yellow and white cartridges play music by FLOREZ. We hope you'll get yourself a copy soon.

If you prefer your music digital, we can arrange that, too. However, if you ask me, you can't really replace the feeling of having a brand new piece of music in your hands whose case you can put among your collection. If you're like me, you appreciate the way new things feel, the way they smell, even. (That may be weird to some of you, but I'll never forget the way "BloodSugarSexMagic" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers smelled when I first opened it!) That said, please get a copy and enjoy a more full experience of the music.

In the next couple of days we'll also launch our web site with a new look to it. We'll continue to update and improve www.florezmusic.com, but by visiting it next week, you'll at least find out how to get a copy of the "Yellow Shoes EP" and info on other FLOREZ material.

If you can't tell, I'm a little excited. I'm really happy with this new EP, and I'd put money on it that you will be too. Best wishes and God bless you all, -alex

A House Divided CAN Stand..

Today at the band house, Erik and I will be joined by drummer Matt Murphy and producer Danny Torroll to continue pre-production for our next recording project. Also, Daniel Goins, who plays keys and guitar for the War, may swing by to add some texture. (By the way, please check out The War; you'll be glad you did!) We're really excited about the new project, as we think it's the final step before our next full length studio release.

The funny thing about the FLOREZ house is that it's not really the "FLOREZ" house anymore. Since Smitty left in July and I moved into my nuptial quarters in October, things have changed here at the homestead. First, Scott's brother Geoff moved into Smitty's old room and, second, two members of the War moved into the downstairs rooms. Since Scott works with both bands, the FLOREZ constituency no longer holds a majority. So, the new name of the house is "the War-Flo House." We're thinking of serving cheap breakfast food and staying open 24 hours to maximize profit potential.

Either way, the band house is still a "band house"; but now it's two different bands. We hope you'll get excited about 2008 for FLOREZ, a year we hope to release at least two EPs and one full length record. The first, Yellow Shoes EP, is due out first week of February. As for the War, they're only a few clicks away and i know their music will suck you right into the fray. (I'm not talking about the band, by the way.)

We hope this finds you blessed! -alex