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please stay up to date on my blog: http://www.nataliebrownviolin.com Adventures in Scotland!

Comin up

Just wanted to mention on my music page that I will be living and studying for a year in Aberdeen, Scotland starting in September! Music ethnology and folklore, specifically NE Scotland fiddle music. More details to come!

Coming up...!

Busy busy! There's lots coming up on my gig calendar and lots of new projects in the works.

Keep updated through this page, but I wanted to let you know about a few things I am especially excited about!

The Mayflies are heading into the studio, we are looking forward to recording and sharing some new material with you!

Highlighted events: On Friday, February 4th come see myself, Craig Erickson, Rich Wagor and Eric Douglas LIVE at the Java House in downtown Iowa City at 2pm for Java Blend radio show! Chatting and playing music from my new album. (this configuration of musicians is called Natalie Brown and Craig Erickson e-coustic Experience)

On Saturday, February 5th, 9pm-- I'm looking forward to playing at the Mill in Iowa City, with e-coustic Experience. Ida Jo and the Show from Madison, WI will be opening, please check her out- singer/violinist, awesome!

On Thursday, February 10th I'll be going solo for a very special gala, it's the Streamline Kids 2011 Gala http://www.streamlinekids.org/coming-events.htm

And the last event coming up soon that I'd like to highlight is Sunday, February 13th at Gabe's in Iowa City, e-coustic Experience will be opening for Deadman Flats from Arkansas!

check out my page for all the event details. Thanks so much for your support!


Corey Michael Baker
Corey Michael Baker  (over 5 years ago)

Hi Natalie, Corey Baker here. Craig Erickson mentioned that you may sometimes be looking for an adept accompanist. Im a guitar teacher in CR and own my own teaching/recording studio. I play guitar, bass, mandolin, mandola, and bazouki. I like playing music with people who are Jazz knowledgeable and Folk friendly. My email is subtlechange@mchsi.com and my phone number is 319-861-2958.

The Album Info and Concept

CD Release Natalie Brown: Violin Crossings

11 tracks = Gypsy, jazz, Celtic Rock, Tango, New Age, Funk, and much more Featuring local musicians: Craig Erickson, Jon Eric, The Mayflies, Brook Hoover, Pat Smith, Rich Wagor, Chris Miller, Eric Douglas, Chrys Mitchell, Seth Koenig, Planet Pluto Jam Band

Album Concept:

"Violin crossings" comes from multiple associations: an actual violin term, crossover music, crossways/crossroads, and such terms as cross- pollination, cross-cultural, as well as the intersections between myself and other individual musicians. Many styles, many local musicians!

The Album progress

Recording is done, mixing is done, the tracks have been sent to West West Side Music in New York...then manufacturing is next!! A big thank you to all that helped with this project!

CD release date is set for Tuesday, November 9th in local stores, iTunes, Amazon, and more....

CD RELEASE PARTIES: Friday, November 12th, 2010 from 9pm to 1am @ The Mill in Iowa City, IA featuring tunes, musicians and much for from the album! Sunday, November 14th, 2010 from 6-10pm @ Parlor City Pub in Cedar Rapids, IA, featuring musicians and tunes from the album and and so much more.