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a river runs through it

experimenting with my pal king trouty on putting visuals to some tunes. Doves return is the first attempt and trouty has created a nice slide show using some of the photos I have taken of the river roding in preparation for an exhibition I would like to mount using the kallous boys short blue ep as installation soundtrack (short blue was the name of a fishing fleet on the roding)


still seem to be knee deep in Kallous boys projects whilst my son moans about the lack of moonboy output in particular the acoustic guitar stuff that floats around the house but never seems to get recorded. Have just finished another Kallous boys vs brady set of mixes which will be up on there respective sites soon and midway through recording a requiem for peter falk

Against the city

The city can come down hard on a man, wearing him down to the bare bone, stripping his flesh from his soul like a wind catch a leaf. Take care in the city wrap up tight.

Check out Dream Attack against the city by Brady http://www.reverbnation.com/artist/artist_songs/1470391 it contains a lovely sample from the Kallous Boys Dream Attack http://www.myspace.com/kallousboys/music/songs/dream-attack-5298486

Snow is falling all around

So I have played the Royal Festival Hall ( see photos - ballroom of confusion) in a state of stage fright to be honest, but things went OK. Am now trying to make sense of the pile of music that Porkweasel have created this year and how we are going to release it . Wishing all you moonfolk a great festive season whatever this youletide means to you. I will pop another tune or two up shortly and look froward to your comments.

Big Love


the beat goes on

back in gamelan class trying to get to grips with Javanese drum technique. Listening to system 7 at moment and preparing to collect synth from repair shop

Christmas Bells

So looks like I will be playing another Siswa Sukra Gig in December (see shows) In the meantime here's a new track "The Longman" an ambient piece recorded on the bass guitar. Just in the process of compiling the tracks for next Kallous Boys album "Cunning Men"

Siswa Sukra

Last weekend I was mostly playing Gamelan. I belong to a Gamelan project based at RFH London called Siswa Sukra and on 15th August we performed to a small friendly audience in Myatts Field Park in South London. A very nice day and a very nice experience for me and to top it all we managed to collect money for a charity.

http://www.southbankcentre.co.uk/minisite/gamelan/ http://www.good-vibrations.org.uk/