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Thanks to everyone who bought No Superman on itunes and for helping me get my music out there!! I am in the process of getting my YouTube up and running and will be posting some live, acoustic versions. Cheers....Fostee:)


high hope girl

Prompted by an episode of House.


A very personal tune about being a sensitive person in an overwhelmingly chaotic world. Pardon the poor recording quality.


Sat down with the guitar yesterday and for whatever reason this tune came out.

Last Crow

This song is about addiction, the struggle to overcome and the helplessness felt by those on the outside.

Heart Shaped Box

This song is a result of feeling a little nostalgic lately, as in Victrola, swing-dancing, drive-in movie nostalgic. That, and I was watching an episode of Mad Men when I had to pick up my guitar, pause the show and record this. Yes, there was a 'heart shaped box' in the episode.

New Here

New to this forum. Love all things music. Songs come to me and I just try and find a way to put them out there with my very limited ability on the guitar. Open to collaborations with fellow musicians.