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Open For Business

We are about to embark on another new beginning. All of our hard work has paid off. We are currently booked up recording and developing the business side of things. We will be putting out new music and have things in order to hit itunes, radio, and touring. As things develop we will let you know all about it.

Green means GO!!!!!

So we've been hard at work perfecting our new sound and setup, as well as booking some great show, and now it's time for action! We'll be playing this Saturday at Rocko's Rock Club in Manchester, NH at the 2011 Boston Freedom Rally Benefit Show and we can't wait rock your faces off! Looking forward to a good time with great music and amazing people! We hope you can make it! -The Change Up Crew-

Things are brewing.......

We figured we'd post a new blog since our last one was back in April and so much has happened since then. If you haven't heard, we recently released 2 new cd's, "Lost Tapes" and "I Bleed Rock & Roll", and they've gotten a GREAT response! We've been posting new songs for all of you fans out there and we even have some video footage on our facebook page! We're also proud to have hit the 7th position on the reverbnation local charts and we have YOU to thank for that! Your support keeps us going, so keep up the good work! Also, we have some BIG shows coming up which will be posted shortly. Not to sound mysterious, but there's some other cool stuff in the works that's going to blow your minds! We'll let you know the deal as soon as dates and locations are set! Overall, we're just happy to report that The Change Up is alive and doing REALLY well! We're hard at work making things happen and grateful to all of our fans for your support and for helping us get to this point. Without you we're nothing, so THANK YOU again for everything and stay tuned...... BIG THINGS are in the works!

Welcome to The Change Up

We are about to embark on a weird journey to see how far we can get this thing to go. We have done everything we can do locally and now its time to go national. We will need all the help we can get and a we will reach our goals. Stay tuned, this is only the first day. New release Oct 31 "I Bleed Rock n Roll" Order it before Oct 31 Pre ordered copy comes with a FREE 16 song CD "Lost Tapes" Become a fan and get the new CD anyway you can!